Gongol.com Archives: February 2013
Brian Gongol

February 7, 2013

Business and Finance An argument for requiring banks to hold 20% or more in equity
That number may be a bit high -- but it is definitely worth examining what value is the optimal one for bank stability. Obviously, the figures that prevailed in the last decade were not high enough. Canada's banks seem to have gotten by in the high single digits.

Aviation News Fresh off a rebranding effort, American Airlines may merge with US Airways
American is trying to emerge from bankruptcy, and the combination would create the world's largest airline

The United States of America Let's do lunch
Moderate members of both major parties in Congress are going to try to get together once in a while to talk with one another like human beings. What a wild idea!

Business and Finance The clock's ticking for Google
A photo-documentary of the company's new offices in Tel Aviv show off just how free and loose the spending is within the company. That kind of spending signals (implicitly) that the company is at the peak of its boom.

Iowa Proposal in Iowa statehouse would eliminate one-checkbox, straight-ticket voting

Threats and Hazards Federal Reserve internal websites hacked
No "critical functions" were affected, but it's still a grave concern. The "Anonymous" movement appears to have been involved.

Computers and the Internet 72% of email is spam
Believe it or not, that's the smallest share in five years

The United States of America President Obama says he's "eager and anxious to do a big deal" to cut the Federal deficit