Gongol.com Archives: February 2013
Brian Gongol

February 14, 2013

News New medal for cyber-warfare and UAV pilots would outrank the Bronze Star

News Would the St. Valentine's Day Massacre still shock Americans if it happened today?
A sad case can be made that it would not

Business and Finance Coke's 70-20-10 approach to marketing

Computers and the Internet Know the Facebook class-action lawsuit
It's a low-effort, low-return affair for most people. You won't get much for applying to join the class, but it doesn't take much effort, either. But be sure to read the terms for yourself; it's a lawsuit, after all.

Science and Technology You want to stop crashes? Use engineering.
Roundabouts decimate the crash rate at dangerous intersections. Red-light cameras don't.

Science and Technology Plants can communicate with one another
And the more closely-related the plants, the better the communication. Selfish genes, indeed.