Gongol.com Archives: March 2013
Brian Gongol

March 3, 2013

Business and Finance Switzerland votes for limits on executive pay

Computers and the Internet Two American power plants hit with computer viruses
There's a great deal of risk to our national infrastructure thanks to the computer technology that makes much of what we do possible. But human decisions about security make an enormous difference.

Business and Finance Sen. Harkin wants to tax sales of stock
He spins it as something "Wall Street" can afford...but what about Mr. and Ms. Main Street investor? If the objective is to discourage high-frequency trading, that's one thing -- there may be very smart reasons to tax extremely short-term stock holding periods in order to slow down the computer-enhanced insanity in high finance (even so, we should thoroughly investigate whether a tax is the right way to discourage the behavior, and be very sure that it's worth discouraging in the first place). But if it Senator Harkin just wants to tax everybody, we should be far more skeptical.

Aviation News Drone aircraft are already in the skies
At this stage, the regulations are just chasing the technology, having already ceded a multi-year lead

News Bus drivers fired for drag racing
...with kids on board

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