Gongol.com Archives: November 2013
Brian Gongol

November 15, 2013

Science and Technology Improvements in quality of life that never make headlines
A power plant serving the University of Texas at Austin went from 62% efficiency two decades ago to 88% today, thanks to improvements in controls, management, and technology. That's a tremendous move forward -- but it's the kind of thing most people never know about. Incremental progress, compounded year after year, makes life today vastly better than it was a few years ago. We don't have to hold our collective breath and wait for "disruptive technologies" to make things better.

News China plans slight relaxation of one-child rules
A victory for human rights? Not really, as much as a crass acknowledgement of economics and demography.

Computers and the Internet Computer hacker working with "Anonymous" gets ten years in prison for cybercrime
He's one of the people behind the Stratfor breach

Business and Finance After big brand extensions and digital growth, Forbes Media goes up for sale

Science and Technology Nebraska is about to undergo a wind-energy boom