Gongol.com Archives: June 2014

Brian Gongol

June 25, 2014

Business and Finance "Real GDP declined 2.9% in the first quarter"
The government's figures went from an advance estimate of 0.1% growth to a 1.0% contraction, now to a 2.9% contraction. That's one serious math error.

News How the IRS attempted to target Senator Chuck Grassley
Bad move. If there's one member of the legislative branch who's itching to bring down hellfire and fury for abuses of power, it's Chuck Grassley.

Threats and Hazards The State Department still has a lot to do in the interest of diplomatic security

Science and Technology Nostalgia for buildings that were pretty but not useful
It happens a lot -- people discover photos of an old building and get a highly romanticized idea of just how wonderful it might be if those buildings were still around. Some should have been preserved, but many outlived their usefulness -- no matter how attractive they might have been. Americans have an advantage over parts of the world with longer histories, and that advantage is that we know when to blow up the old and replace with the new. Las Vegas does it almost compulsively. The rest of us shouldn't get too teary-eyed about doing the same thing from time to time. It's no good to hog-tie yourself so much to the past that you don't replace what needs replacement.

News What in the world is going on at the Denver EPA office?
People are doing the unspeakable in the hallways

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