Gongol.com Archives: February 2015

Brian Gongol

February 19, 2015

Science and Technology Group wants to install a robotic grocery store in Des Moines
Automation continues to improve the quality of life for many people -- even while it threatens job opportunities for some. It's just like free trade: On balance, very good for most of society, but with concentrated costs for some. We're smart enough and wealthy enough to figure out how to accommodate.

Science and Technology More STEM majors, please -- with liberal-arts training
It's a simple economic proposition: two majors are better than one

Computers and the Internet Lenovo PCs were sold with "Superfish" adware preloaded at the factory
It's the kind of breach of trust for which the company should pay a stiff price in the marketplace

Business and Finance Walmart promises widespread pay increases

Computers and the Internet JP Morgan doesn't trust government security protection anymore
It's a symptom of what some futurists have called the post-state era: Private-sector organizations deciding that the work they used to depend upon government to do is now too important to be entrusted to government

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