Gongol.com Archives: December 2015

Brian Gongol

December 14, 2015

News Civilian oversight of police and the military is critical to a civil society
A Chicago police officer has been acquitted of charges he shoved a gun into a suspect's mouth and pressed a stun gun to the man's groin. It may have been a perfectly reasonable and sound decision -- but it's also worrisome that we can entertain the thought that such a thing could have happened, and believe actively that the allegations might be true. We do these things because there are sufficient examples of brutality and excessive force that they do not seem categorically impossible. That's a problem, and it suggests a failure of civilian oversight.

Business and Finance Alibaba buys the South China Morning Post
An interesting parallel to Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post

Computers and the Internet Is the end of emojis coming?

Iowa Surge in students from China at the University of Iowa
But the boom has created some cultural stumbles for some of the foreign students

The United States of America The President needs a communications coach

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