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Brian Gongol

December 6, 2015

Business and Finance The US still imports a lot more than it exports
A strong force behind the great asset sell-off. For instance, that's why lots of Chinese buyers are picking up American real estate.

News When does a front-page editorial make sense?

Business and Finance Keeping the family in the family business can be tough
It's a global phenomenon -- heirs everywhere find interests outside the company

Aviation News Virgin Galactic will use Boeing 747 as a launch platform
Getting off the ground is half the battle to getting into space

Health What future casts may look like
Better designs for healing broken bones quickly

December 5, 2015

The United States of America Sen. Lindsey Graham has some much-needed perspective on the GOP

Business and Finance Unemployment rate sticks at 5.0%
There's a difference between quantity and quality in jobs

News All US military combat jobs are now open to women

News Washington Post gives up, authorizes "they" in the singular
It probably was a losing fight anyway

News How "USA Today" is going to swallow up your local Gannett newspaper
Kiss the old guard goodbye

December 4, 2015

Business and Finance Federal Reserve votes to stop itself from future emergency lending

News Meet the Syrian refugees

Health "Please mess with our DNA"

Threats and Hazards Venezuelan government threatens Kraft management

Computers and the Internet How is Cyber Monday even still a thing?

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December 3, 2015

Business and Finance Piketty is close but wrong
He says inequality is the prime driver of trouble in the Middle East. It's not inequality per se, but rather the failure to take advantage of extraction resources and turn them into productive economies that hurts. If you want a peaceful world, you need people to have something productive to do with their time.

Computers and the Internet Only 11% of Apple Watch buyers think they're getting enough value for the money

Computers and the Internet Yahoo may be thinking of selling its Internet properties

Aviation News The new look for Amazon Prime drone delivery

Business and Finance A small increase in productivity (2.2%, annualized) in the third quarter
Better than nothing, but watch this space: We really need to get it rising a lot faster to sustain durable economic growth