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Brian Gongol

January 17, 2016

Business and Finance GE sells its appliance unit to Haier

A reminder to America, generally: If you don't want to lose control, don't give up ownership. GE decided it wanted out...but this isn't the first sale of an "American" business to China -- and it definitely won't be the last.

Threats and Hazards Chicago enters 2016 with a lot of violence

110 people shot in the first ten days of the year. Something's wrong in a great city.

Iowa Don't be surprised if more small towns disincorporate

It hasn't happened a lot, but the small number seems to be growing

The United States of America How many executive orders has each President enacted?

FDR surpassed them all -- by a long shot

Business and Finance Can we combat terrorism with better property rights?

It's not as outlandish a suggestion as it might at first appear. If people in developing countries don't feel secure in their ability to protect what is theirs, then they won't have a lot of investment in protecting the established order. In other words, if the little guy doesn't gain any of the benefits of the law, how legitimate is the law going to really be? But people who stand to benefit from peace and good government help to comprise a bulwark against bad things happening.

Business and Finance Intel is worried about China

Word has leaked out of the chip manufacturer that people aren't buying computers at the expected rate in China. It's another signal that the economy there is slowing down with unexpected speed.

Broadcasting Show notes - Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - January 17, 2016

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