Gongol.com Archives: January 2016

Brian Gongol

January 29, 2016

Business and Finance Negative interest rates: A reality in Sweden

And now in Japan, too. It's hard to think of anything that would do more to discourage saving than a negative interest rate.

Aviation News Boeing starts testing new 737 Max

Basically the same as the regular 737, but with a big boost to fuel efficiency

Business and Finance China to "look after" stock market "investors"

Government intervention only helps the traders -- real investors want volatility so they can take advantage of cheap prices

Aviation News Google drone crashes after wing breaks

They're practicing to deliver Internet access to far-flung users

Aviation News F-35 still not fully functional

...but production is ramping up quickly anyway

Broadcasting Free iTunes Radio is over

You can still pay to get it

Humor and Good News Stephen Colbert takes down Trump using Trump

(Video) The national class clown has lots of ways to make himself look like a fool

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