Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 9, 2016

Business and Finance The Baltic Dry Index is rising, but it's still at a very low point

Telling signs about the world economy at large -- if shipping costs (as tracked by the index) are very low, then that's a symptom that goods aren't moving on the high seas

Threats and Hazards A toxic lack of interest in others

Video circulates showing people being attacked in hotels in China as bystanders just let it happen

Business and Finance Kansas City's Federal Reserve chief is a hawk

Someone needs to be the hawk at the table -- even if, on balance, the Fed still probably needs to be dovish

Broadcasting Netflix is going to raise subscription fees

A bunch of people grandfathered into cheap streaming plans are going to have to pay a couple of extra dollars a month

Computers and the Internet Slumping Yahoo should pick through Google's product graveyard

Google has gotten pretty good at creating products, demonstrating market demand, and then pulling the plug. Yahoo should try harder to be a fast follower.