Gongol.com Archives: April 2016

Brian Gongol

April 27, 2016

Science and Technology Bill Gates on the future of energy

On this issue, at least, he's a supply-sider

Business and Finance Why Goldman Sachs is opening an online bank

Deposits from people who open savings accounts give them financing that makes the regulators happy

Business and Finance Why isn't the Porsche family intervening more at Volkswagen?

When the family business is in trouble, someone in the family either needs to step in or find someone who can. It doesn't look like that's happening at VW.

Computers and the Internet Nokia is getting into wearable tech gadgets

The one-time dominant phone maker is out of that game entirely, and now looks at wearables as a growth industry

Computers and the Internet Chatbots aren't perfect for everything

Sure, there are plenty of circumstances under which people might want to use natural language in order to interact with a firm or organization. But there are also plenty of times when the scope of what a person can actually do with such an organization are fairly narrow and the exchange is best conducted with something like an interactive contact form instead.

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