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Brian Gongol

October 23, 2019

Socialism Doesn't Work Authoritarianism is a waste

Workers at some Chinese state-owned enterprises are expected to spend a third of their working hours studying "Xi Jinping Thought". This is truly bizarre, profoundly dystopian, and phenomenally wasteful.

Science and Technology Honda to go all-electric in Europe by 2022

Once a technology really starts to get a foothold, the pace of change can accelerate a whole lot faster than you might expect.

News Give light and let the people find their own way

Three cheers for the editors of the Harvard Crimson, who have come out strongly against efforts by some of their peers to keep them from asking for comment from the subjects of news stories

Broadcasting Baseball and radio: Perfect complements

Baseball is a personal game (every at-bat starts as a contest between pitcher and batter), the action is linear and perfectly paced ("This ball's got a chaaaaaance...gone!"), and the season is built for companionship. This makes for the perfect subject for radio coverage. Unlike other media, radio is intensely personal, conversational, and intimate (in a non-romantic sense, of course). You can't reasonably ask people to watch 162+ games a year on their screens, but fans will always listen to the play-by-play. And you can't replace baseball on the radio as a companion for a long drive. The medium and the game are unique complements in those ways, with no good substitutes. Not to put too fine a point on it, but: The Internet is for "HEY, LOOK AT ME!", TV is for "Hey, you guys!", and radio is for "Hi. How are you?"

Humor and Good News The best athlete in the world?

When your first pitch comes with a standing backflip and a twist...

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