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Brian Gongol

December 21, 2019

Broadcasting Show notes - Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 21, 2019

On "bad people" vs. "bad choices", creating more value than we consume, and Amazon.com as a threat to other businesses

News The rage of Paul Krugman

A review of Krugman's latest book by Sebastian Mallaby in The Atlantic is quite good, and gets to the heart of what's so frustrating about Krugman; he's often so intent on drawing battle lines around a narrative of good-vs.-evil that he gets in the way of the reader who might want to dabble with his ideas before joining the cause.

Threats and Hazards Words matter

When the President of the United States sees fit to accuse deceased political rivals of being in Hell, he's choosing to occupy the lowest rung on the ladder of leadership. There's a certain social crime, though, in anyone reporting the President's "riffs", ramblings, or other imprecise language as though it isn't obvious what he's trying to say. Words indeed matter, and it's interpretive malpractice for any journalist, editor, pundit, or bystander to give the President the benefit of doubt over his choice of language. Ambiguity accrues to the benefit of the person who introduces it.

News An extraordinary camera angle on the cruise-ship collision

The ubiquity of cameras in the present age really does open the door to things we never would have seen before

News Eww, eww, eww all the way home

Truck crash in Quad Cities dumps hog entrails all over Interstate 74

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