Web of Control:
The Internet and Your Organization

So you want to communicate with your student organization? You've found one of the best ways: the Internet.

It doesn't take much to start a webpage, but it might take a while to build one right. Tinker around with one on your own free time first and practice with it until you're comfortable moving on.

There are plenty of places to start building your own personal homepage. Use one to help figure out how to build HTML and how to make your webpages look great.

Just a few places to get free webpages:We'll assume that you have access to your own page at some location. When you use these pages, be sure to play around a lot to get a good orientation.

Below is a quick once-over on some of the more interesting uses of HTML. When building your own pages, feel free to cut and paste from these examples. In Netscape (later versions), Control-U brings up the source code; using Internet Explorer, check under "View" and "Source." This is often the best way to learn new tricks and figure out what others are doing.

Important things to include on your webpage:Webpages are very useful, but it's hard to rely on them for getting information out in a hurry. Most members won't check on a regular basis, so you should consider setting up an e-mail list.

Three main options for setting up an e-mail list:
  1. Distribution list
  2. Listserv
  3. Off-campus e-mail addresses with address books
Keep your e-mail messages brief and clear. It's tempting to send out huge amounts of information on each one, but think about how people use it. Brevity is key.


H1: A really big headline

H2: A big headline

H3: Still a headline, but getting smaller

H4: Barely a headline

H5: Small headline
Font size 1
Font size 2
Font size 3
Font size 4
Font size 5
Font size 6
Font size 7

To divide one section off from the next: a "horizontal rule":

A sample table:
Row 1, Column 1 Row 1, Column 2
Row 2, Column 1 Row 2, Column 2

Text on the left-hand side of the page
Text in the middle of the page

Text on the right-hand side of the page