Gongol.com Archives: January 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (1.8.2005)
December 27th Carnival of the Capitalists
Catching up on a backlog, some personal favorite picks: Why it's hard to start a private, for-profit school, even when the demand is high; an aggressive but intriguing plan to replace Social Security right now; an observation on the ridiculousness of government "innovation" programs, healthily reminiscent of a paper published here on why contemporary economic development is broken; thoughts on why technology is solving our environmental troubles faster than rules; a philosophical take on why markets work even when people are dumb; a history of Gillette; and a thorough debunking of status quo educational policy.

The American Way (1.8.2005)
January 2nd Carnival of the Capitalists
Just two days before the next issue is released, a quick review of some top picks: Thoughts on how China may be growing but it's bound to go wrong, and a book review of They Made America.