Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.3.2005)
Technology Aiding Chinese Protests Against Japan
Simultaneously, though, the Chinese government continues aggressively interfering with domestic Internet access and using technology to propagandize to its citizens. Whether the technological cat is now sufficiently out of the bag to revolutionize Chinese politics in the same way fax machines helped bring down the Soviet Union remains to be seen.

Business and Finance (5.3.2005)
Google Irritating its Advertisers

News (5.3.2005)
Russian Politics Now: A Complete and Total Mess
Garry Kasparov mulling a bid for Putin's job

The United States of America (5.3.2005)
Congress Wants a New Dollar Coin

We All Need a Little Humor (5.3.2005)
British Election This Week
(Animation) A very funny take on one of the offshoot parties. Could be offensive to some. Related: A concerted effort to influence the UK election from abroad, in an echo of the Guardian newspaper's efforts to persuade Americans in the last Presidential election. Also, the French vote on the EU at the end of May is looking too close to call.

Weather and Disasters (5.3.2005)
Evaluating the Biggest Risks to Human Existence
On the mega scale, robots look like the winning threat

We All Need a Little Humor (5.3.2005)
Why Men Should Insist on Opposite-Sex Patdowns at the Airport
Says Window Manager: "It is something I highly recommend for all men getting on a plane for a 10 hour flight, and when going to Japan now I usually pack a knife or can of mace to [e]nsure I get my pre-flight massage."

Science and Technology (5.3.2005)
Carnival of Tomorrow
A riff on the Carnival of the Capitalists.

Business and Finance (5.3.2005)
GM Sales Slip Significantly, Net Losses Mounting
Ford sales falling, too. Health-care costs are beating up the automakers. Vice chair says they could axe Pontiac and Buick if things don't get better. Not a smart move: GM should return to its old strategy of distinct brands for every stage of life

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.3.2005)
How Communism Killed More than the Plague
In 2005, Communist governments still run nations and people still believe in socialism

Water News (5.3.2005)
"The Plow that Broke the Plains"
Depression-Era film on agriculture and water. It's depressing. Really, really depressing.

Computers and the Internet (5.3.2005)
PlayStation Portable, TV on Cell Phones Killing Commuter Newspapers

Computers and the Internet (5.3.2005)
Posting Anonymously to the Internet
Imagine being an honest person working in a dishonest government, and wanting to expose the wrongdoers. Technology allows it.

Science and Technology (5.3.2005)
Some Think Avian Flu is Going Pandemic

Computers and the Internet (5.3.2005)
Real-Time Search Tracker from IceRocket
(link from Flamin Tiki)

Computers and the Internet (5.3.2005)
Googlebot Mural