Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

News (5.10.2005)
Federal Agents Bust Badge Counterfeiter
Had more than 1,300 counterfeit badges from Customs, DEA, NYPD, FBI, and others. Was selling them for $35 to $50 each, so there are some out in others' hands. Related: Nothing reported in four days about the grenade attack on the British Consulate in New York City. Seems as if there should be some leads by now, since New York is blanketed with surveillance cameras.

The United States of America (5.10.2005)
Chicago Fed Economist: US Can Only Sustain Trade Deficit By Continuing to Make Big Bucks on Investments Abroad
If income from those sources starts to slip, we're importing way beyond our means

Threats to Western Civilization (5.10.2005)
Ministry Professor Says "Enlightenment Has Run Its Course." No, It Hasn't.
Quote attributed to Dr. Robert Webber. No, it most decidedly hasn't. That kind of talk is blazingly irresponsible in a world where an American child born today has a 1/3 lifetime risk of developing cancer, or where malaria afflicts nearly 10% of the world population each year. Until we no longer have unanswered questions or unsolved problems, enlightenment has a very long way to go. A little bit of existential angst among the healthy and well-fed is positively no excuse whatsoever for bad-mouthing science and reason.