Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.17.2005)
North Korean Food Emergency
Socialism still doesn't work, and people die as a result

The United States of America (5.17.2005)
Secular Conservatives
An interesting take on how Goldwater Republicans feel ideologically homeless right now

The American Way (5.17.2005)
Free Trade Helps the Poor
Direct assistance, like what's proposed by the One Campaign, which though well-intentioned, tends to distract people from the real need for economic growth in poor countries. Ireland didn't move from poverty to prosperity because of direct aid; it happened because they changed the environment for economic growth. It won't happen overnight in many places, but we have to start somewhere. In the long run, it's a matter of teaching the proverbial man to fish -- unless we engage poor nations in trade, they'll forever be held captive to poverty.

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.17.2005)
Very Bad Idea: Supporting a Marxist Dictator
"Progressive" group asks supporters to buy from Citgo, which is owned by the Venezuelan government. That's a problem since the president there has an autocratic streak and a really bad attitude about the US. It's not just that he was behind a failed 1992 coup attempt or that he's enacting laws restricting freedom of the press...he's also close personal friends with Fidel Castro.

The American Way (5.17.2005)
May 15, 2005 Carnival of the Capitalists
Some personal favorites: Outsourcing and national security, how changes to charitable tax treatment could send humans back to the moon, and musings on who's really in charge.

Business and Finance (5.17.2005)
No More Pay Phones in Finland

The United States of America (5.17.2005)
US Military Spending as a Percentage of GDP
A friendly reminder during the BRAC process: Military spending has remained under 10% of GDP since 1960