Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

Science and Technology (5.19.2005)
Human Embryos Cloned in UK
One lasted five days. The scientific potential and the ethical challenges are equally stunning.

News (5.19.2005)
No New Election in Canada
Liberal Party only barely is in control. Surviving a vote of confidence means they get to stay in charge a little while longer.

The American Way (5.19.2005)
Three Cheers! Someone Gets It: "It's the Behavior that's the Problem, Not the Clothing"
Places in Great Britain are banning hooded sweatshirts to cut down on juvenile crime. School boss says it brilliantly: "I am disappointed by the lack of subtlety in dealing with the hoodie problem."

We All Need a Little Humor (5.19.2005)
Best (Canadian) Political Insults

Iowa (5.19.2005)
Maytag Being Sold to Investor Group
No word on whether they'll stay in Newton

The American Way (5.19.2005)
Ireland to Partially Privatize Aer Lingus
Selling its majority share but keeping a large interest

The United States of America (5.19.2005)
House Armed Services Committee Looking at Moving Women Farther Away from Combat