Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

Science and Technology (5.23.2005)
British Marine Gets Scratch on Leg, Dies of Mutant Bacteria

News (5.23.2005)
Britain's Chief Prosecutor Wants US-Style Murder-By-Degrees
Apparently they don't have distinctions between premeditated, non-premeditated, and mercy killings

Threats to Western Civilization (5.23.2005)
Saudi Political Council Delays Action on Giving Women Right to Drive

News (5.23.2005)
How to Make the EU Constitution at Least a Little Palatable
British writer suggests how it the damage can be limited, in case France doesn't derail the EU first

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.23.2005)
Kyiv Post Editorial: Yushchenko's Letting Free-Market Enthusiasts Down
Suggests he's acting like a socialist instead of like the capitalist he campaigned as. Price controls on gasoline and meat, confusion about privatization of government-owned industries offered as evidence.

The United States of America (5.23.2005)
How Mexican President Fox's Perceptibly Racist Comments Hurt Immigrants
(In Spanish) He's making it hard for President Bush to do business with him on improving the immigration outlook by making thoughtless remarks about blacks

Socialism Doesn't Work (5.23.2005)
Corruption at State-Owned Companies Costs Indonesia $287 Million
"Many, if not most, state firms in the country are known to be poorly managed and to suffer from low rates of return on investments, due mostly to corruption and intervention by vested interests." That's what happens when political power has too much influence on markets -- whether it's plain socialism or crony capitalism. Free markets under the rule of law work best.

Business and Finance (5.23.2005)
US Not the Only Country Facing Rising Costs for Health, Elder Care
South Korea's dealing with the same problems. Running from the pending fiscal disaster in Medicare won't make it go away.

Threats to Western Civilization (5.23.2005)
UK Plans to Slap Iran Around a Little About Nukes

The American Way (5.23.2005)
Women's Business Conference in Syria
Former Pakistani prime minister Bhutto: "Women have a long way to go, especially Muslim women"; pointed to assault and genital mutilation. Women's economic progress is closely tied to social progress as well.