Gongol.com Archives: May 2005
Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (5.25.2005)
YWCA in Nebraska Hosts Special Swimming Program for Muslim Women
That's YWCA, as in Young Women's Christian Association. Oh the irony.

Weather and Disasters (5.25.2005)
Las Vegas Mayor Worried Chemicals on Rail Cars are a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Election 2008 (5.25.2005)
Former Nebraska Football Coach to Run for Governor
Osborne was elected to Congress by margins they couldn't pull off in the Soviet Union

Science and Technology (5.25.2005)
Mow High, Recycle Grass Clippings, Fertilize Early

News (5.25.2005)
The Next Great Prank: "Face Reading"
Another faux "science": For $300, they'll "teach" you to "read" people's faces. Not as in understanding non-verbal expressions...more like, the shape of Michael Moore's nose suggests he can handle money. Not only is it preposterous, it's judgement of others by their natural appearance -- plain, old-fashioned prejudice.

Iowa (5.25.2005)
Iowa's Dallas County One of Nation's Ten Fastest-Growing Counties
Of course, it's still rural enough that the county newspaper features stories about windmills

Iowa (5.25.2005)
How Cell Phones Have Changed Agriculture

Water News (5.25.2005)
Drought Leaves Nebraska's Biggest Lake at Half Regular Size
It's a record drought in some locations, leaving some Missouri River reservoirs at record lows. Things are getting slightly better in the West, but the Missouri is so low it's destroying barge traffic. That doesn't mean there isn't still enough water around to get the attention of Homeland Security as a potential terrorist target. Somehow, though, even without water, Nebraska managed an average 10.9% gain in farmland prices last year.

Iowa (5.25.2005)
Engineers from Iowa Talk About Rebuilding Iraq
One sergeant serving with the Iowa Army National Guard there is planting sweet corn there to see if he can raise a 1/4-acre crop.

Science and Technology (5.25.2005)
Too Many Choices in Electronics Leave Some Users Fatigued
Related theory: Many electronics are designed by men with male thinking and spatial-logic patterns, making them more difficult for women to use. That might change if more women were involved with industrial design.

The American Way (5.25.2005)
Hope for Lebanon