Scam alert

I received this e-mail a couple of days ago. How could it possibly be a scam?

Hello Sir/Madam,
I Start with much Greetings to you and your whole company,My name is John Corey a resident of Ypsilanti  Michigan I am interested in ordering some Well Pumps to my new  Store site at Sierra Leone.I will like you to email me the unit prices of the types you do carry in stock.I look forward to your response.



Oh, wait. Here's a word to the wise: It's pretty well assured that nobody who actually lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan, actually writes anything like "much Greetings to you". And it's doubly assured that anyone who writes a stupid e-mail like this didn't actually look at your online store (where "unit prices of the types [we] do carry in stock" are listed as clear as day), but in fact is actually trying to pull off a scam in which you send them equipment and they choose not to pay for it.

Anyone who does any kind of business online needs to be alert to these scams.

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