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Madeline writes with this question:
Today when I get in to read my e-mails, Zimbra comes up. I use Firefox. When I hit print Zimbra prints at top of page. Is this something Firefox has started or do I have something I need to get rid of and how do I do it?

Brian's answer:
Madeline's e-mail address says that she's using Frontier Internet, which is a service provider widely used for dial-up Internet access, especially in smaller communities (of which Iowa has plenty). I don't use it personally, so I'm trying to draw some conclusions based upon the evidence. Frontier appears to offer two ways to access e-mail: One through its own in-house webmail service, the other through a customized Yahoo service.

It was announced about a year and a half ago that Frontier would use the customized Yahoo service along with the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. Zimbra is a set of programs intended to integrate things like e-mail and calendar services under one umbrella. Yahoo used to own Zimbra but sold it earlier this year, so it would not surprise me if they previously hadn't done much to advertise their own name within Yahoo services, but had suddenly started to do so.

It doesn't really have anything to do with Firefox. But it's also nothing I'd get worried about.

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