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Brian Gongol

According to our listeners, it's not too late to plant late-season crops in the vegetable garden. What can you still plant? If this is true, I might just expand the garden and save myself some time with my push-reel mower. Yes, I look like I belong at Living History Farms. But I swear it's better for the lawn. It's definitely not because I'm some kind of radical environmentalist.

One caller made the point that the wacky extremes of environmentalism aren't even a laughing matter -- they're really just terrorists of another stripe. Point taken. I object more than anything to the unthinking criticism of biotechnology and other methods for improving crop yields. As the great Iowan Dr. Norman Borlaug (founder of the World Food Prize) has argued clearly, the world simply doesn't have the capacity to feed our current population without the help of biotech...much less our future population.

And while the nation's governors are here in town, some thoughts on why the only virtuous politician is an irrational one.