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Brian Gongol

We have a new neighbor in the solar system, the wimpily-named 2005 FY9. Interesting news to get at the same time we discover that NASA's only 90% sure the Space Shuttle can land safely. That's at the same time Virgin Galactic says they'll be ready to send tourists into space in three years. So who's getting the job done better: The public sector or the private sector?

In the relentless quest to save on fuel costs, a proposal is out there to refuel passenger jets in mid-flight. Would you rather pay full price for a fully-fueled flight, or would you be willing to take a flight that plans on a mid-flight refueling if it would cost 50% less? The more we try to cut fuel use, the more interesting our other challenges become. For instance, the University of Iowa's about to get a ton of money to study ways to replace the gas tax. How about a rock-solid proposal for a gas-tax replacement, at no cost to you?

The latest brilliance out of the UN includes a proposal to take control of the Internet away from the US. Gee, brilliant. Because the UN is known for its super-efficient management of things like, say, the Oil-for-Food program.