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Remember: During harvest season, the deer are all being pushed right out of the fields. Don't veer for deer -- just hit 'em. That's the advice from the Iowa State Patrol. Iowans plunk more than 11,000 deer every year.

The Internet is a wonderful thing (place?) -- but 40% of Americans are still on dial-up. That means they're missing out on most of the multimedia content...and probably aren't capable of keeping their anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to full speed. It may not be the most weighty application in the world, but the in-flight dating service might be one of those uses they're missing. Broadband over power lines might be one way of delivering high-speed access to people in areas outside the reach of cable or DSL Internet service, but with Google's plans to blanket San Francisco in wireless broadband access and a similar project underway in Philadelphia, it looks like the future of broadband is in radio signals, not on the power lines -- except maybe in very small communities.

The progress of technology is the engine of better living, but sometimes technology takes us backwards. A good example is how the abuse of PowerPoint may have killed the astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.