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Brian Gongol

All the news this week about the teleconference in which the President was warned about Hurricane Katrina is a stark reminder that people need to know how to write clear reports.  Meetings, teleconferences, and PowerPoint presentations too often have the effect of making it look like action is being taken or knowledge is being transferred...but all too often it's just a charade.  It's not as though clear writing is really all that hard to do -- in just three paragraphs, be convinced that we have to change our thinking about China.  Now.

Punishment where punishment is due: Eight years in prison for Congressional corruption.

Yay Capitalism: Canada's richest province is thinking of reintroducing private health care -- and backing off socialized medicine.

Putting our priorities straight: Should the government be looking at old phone records or scanning terrorist chat rooms online?  (Hint: The latter is the choice recommended by one of the government's own anti-terrorism researchers. But that's not what they're doing.)

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