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Yay Capitalism: Many CEOs judge employees, candidates, and vendors based on how they treat wait staffs at restaurants. Being nice is also good for business.

While you're thinking about being nice, chew on the news that the human brain shuts down self-awareness when it's involved in a complex thought. In other words, you really can "lose yourself" in the midst of deep thought.

Some government leaders could use a dose of deep thought: They've come to believe that spying on Internet users' browsing habits is a good way for a free society to "protect children." While there's no doubt that child predators should be hunted down and punished to the full extent of the law, it's pretty absurd to believe that "protecting the kids" requires such a horrible Big Brother policy, whether or not the government outsources the job to ISPs.

And what will come of companies like Yahoo, which have already been discovered colluding with the Chinese government to repress dissidents. What's going to happen when the people there want revenge on companies that helped the Communists keep them down? The City of Chicago punishes businesses that had links to the slave trade...and that was 140 years ago. The Chinese will toss the Communists into the dustbin of history sooner or later -- probably in the next ten to twenty years. Isn't it likely their memories will last at least that long?

And who would have thought? Japanese toilets are destroying the environment. At least a little.

As promised, here's where to find great free computer programs, and where to get the latest security update for your computer.

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