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Times aren't great when the "supreme leader" of Iran is promising double the relatiation if the US strikes to take out their nuclear program. The ultimate trick to negotiating the situation with Iran will be finding a way to keep the belligerent leadership there from acting violently without making Iran's huge population of young people hate America. Something's going to happen, especially with the news that Iran has missiles that could reach Europe. Unfortunately, decisions of late have indicated that we aren't doing the smart things to win over the Iranian public.

When politicians come calling, bringing promises of checks with no strings attached, it's probably a sign something's wrong. And $100 gas rebate checks are definitely not the right idea.

You're invited to review the full list of reasons a gas rebate isn't a useful idea, but here's the 30-second summary: Here's an idea: Instead of insulting our intelligence with a $10 billion scam ($100 for each of roughly 100 million households in the country), why not use that $10 billion to offer 20 prizes of $500 million each to solve our 20 biggest problems in energy? Inducement prizes work. Our current habit of spending $23 billion a year on the Department of Energy obviously doesn't.

Just to prove that the private sector can do these kinds of things, consider the plan to fix the emergency-radio problems observed on 9/11 and in New Orleans.

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