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A St. Louis-area suburban mayor demanded bribes from the red-light company that Clive is working with. And he got it -- but since the company called the FBI first, he's probably facing some jail time.

Thanks to the free market, when Microsoft has too much cash on hand, it can offer to buy back the stock held by its owners -- and if they don't want to sell it back, then either Microsoft has to offer more, or it can just sit on the cash. No one has to sit in a Big Boss Chair in some government office telling Microsoft that they're making too much software. Lots of individual decisions by consumers, Microsoft employees, and stockholders all interact to come up with the right decision instead.

The only thing dumber than a naked woman cradling a dead pig may be the overemphasis on the guy who has supposedly confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsey. The amount of "news" coverage of this subject is nauseating -- especially as thousands of people are stranded by flooding in Ethiopia. These are living, breathing human beings who are suffering...but it's as though we can't be bothered because we're supposed to care what in-flight dinner this guy ate on his way back to the USA.

The University of Iowa is welcoming a record freshman class tomorrow. That's good news for Iowa.