Brian Gongol Substituting for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

What if we had one member of Congress for every 30,000 citizens, like the Constitution actually requires? It would certainly change the nature of elections if we had members of Congress for areas the size of Urbandale instead of the size of Wyoming?

John Cox called in about his candidacy for the White House.

It's ironic (in a bad way) that 45 years after John F. Kennedy told Americans to build bomb shelters, we're back to worrying about Communists with nuclear weapons.

Thanks to pollution, there's been so much erosion at the Canterbury Cathedral that they have to hold parts of it together with duct tape.

Your government is probably sending you spam -- not intentionally, but because, like many other organizations, many government computers rely on Internet Explorer. If you're not using an alternative browser like Firefox, you should think about it. Step-by-step instructions for switching make it easy.

Google may be thinking about buying the video-sharing site YouTube, a video-sharing site that has beaten Google Video in the race for online traffic.