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Did North Korea test a nuke during the show? We're not certain, but that ought to become clear shortly. North Korea's propaganda agency didn't have any reports as of 10:00 Sunday night, but that's not atypical. If it actually did happen, the story runs contrary to reports that North Korea planned to wait a while before conducting a test. It certainly won't help business in South Korea, and the threatened size of the weapon would be enough to kill hundreds of thousands.

It's not as though we don't have enough issues to deal with around the world, like the war in Iraq and the crisis in Darfur. And on a related nuclear note, smuggling of radioactive materials appears to be on the rise.


How can anyone seriously ask a school to ban one of the best-known books on book banning?


An apparently voluntary lettuce recall in California is a good example of the market working to protect consumers -- because it's smarter for the lettuce grower to remove all consumer hesitation than to risk tainting their perceptions of food safety. They're following the Tylenol model, which is used today as a textbook case of exactly what a company should do if a product appears to endanger public safety.