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Brian Gongol

One of the disadvantages to a democratic system of government is that political leaders sometimes spend too much time pandering to us, trying to convince us that they agree with our prejudices and pre-existing decisions, and too little helping to persuade us to do what's right and what's right for us. That's being played out in the paranoia we hear about immigration and free trade. So while we're ignoring the advantages to doing things like making friends in Latin America, China's out buttering up Africa, which may be poor in cash but also happens to be rich in votes at the UN.

If you have to mandate a "money-saving rule", it's probably not really a money-saver. And good for the Seattle Candyman, who defies a ridiculous school ban on junk food by supplying the contraband treats to students and teachers alike. Banning junk food in schools is a really dumb idea.

And even though he's going to retire from "The Price is Right" next year, Bob Barker says he won't do nude scenes in movie roles. Thank goodness.