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Brian Gongol

The 2008 Presidential field is already filling up, and one of the first candidates to declare is our own Governor Vilsack. Unfortunately, most of the candidates are pretty lousy from a free-market standpoint. One of the few standouts is Nebraska's Senator Chuck Hagel, who has all of the right credentials: He's been a successful businessperson, he's pushed for reforms to Social Security, he opposed the unaffordable expansion of Medicaid, and he's a big proponent of free trade.

Massachusetts voters, meanwhile, voted down a proposition that would have let grocery stores sell beer and liquor. It doesn't really do anything but protect the monopoly help by the beer and liquor stores. Monopolies don't deserve special protection: Who would have thought back in the days of Ma Bell's telephone monopoly that we'd have free long-distance calls in 2006?

If you aren't yet using the Firefox browser, you really should try it. Microsoft is about to release a new version of Internet Explorer, and a lot of the new features are ones that Firefox offered months ago.