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Do not send me your "suggestions" for sponsored content. Do not send me "sponsored contributions". Do not send me "helpful links". Do not send me requests to "update a link" to something from the past. The answer isn't just "no"; it's "absolutely, positively not". If your title is something like "digital marketing manager", then I assure you that I do not find your "helpful resource" to be helpful. Earn your own page ranks; my credibility isn't yours to borrow, co-opt, or buy.

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A note on the social networks


I generally limit my Facebook friends to people I know from past or current experience at work or school, my family, or people I know socially in the real world. My general rule is "I need to have gone to school with you, worked with you, or had a beer with you." People are too quick to let slip with personal information on Facebook, and in the interest of security, I tend to be cautious about accepting Facebook friend requests.


I generally limit my LinkedIn connections to people with whom I have worked or gone to school, or people I know from real-world interactions. I am somewhat more open about my connections among people in my various industries simply because we may have exchanged cards at a conference or someone might have attended one of my lectures.

I am not an "open networker" (what's the point?), and in times when I followed a more liberal policy on accepting LinkedIn requests, I occasionally found myself being asked for references on people I really didn't know. That didn't serve my friends or colleagues well, so I follow a more cautious policy today. No offense intended if that means I am slow to accept your connection request (or decline to do so at all), but I find that LinkedIn loses its value rapidly if the connections don't mean anything. Feel free to jog my memory if you think I'm ignoring a connection request that I ought to be accepting.


Twitter is a free-for-all by nature. I follow people who have interesting things to say. I also put some people on lists without following them directly. Read nothing into any of it.

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