Gongol.com Archives: March 2003
Brian Gongol

  • I make a habit of checking the Jung-Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory once a year or so, just to see if the test is still reliable and to observe whether anything significant has changed about me. Heh. This has been going on for four years now (at least), and I am still an ENTJ. I still think the "Fieldmarshal" nickname for the category is dead-on, though I'm never quite sure that the "celebrity profiles" that most of the websites suggest are completely accurate. Regardless, I hadn't seen this extended profile of the larger category that "Fieldmarshals" fall under, but it was impressively accurate. There's a complete chart of the sixteen types that seems accurate, at least for the people I know who have taken the test. And when you're done with that one, the Political Performance Test is a good one, too. (3.25.2003)

  • I just caught a few moments of an old Saturday Night Live episode on Comedy Central. Can someone please tell me just how completely we were all distracted by the stock-market bubble that we didn't realize we actually honored Monica Lewinsky by making her a guest host on the show? (3.15.2003)