Gongol.com: November 2003
Brian Gongol

The American Way President's Trip to Iraq "Genuinely Delights" Troops (11.28.2003)
Bush and Condoleeza Rice "looked liked a normal couple"

News EU Constitution "Wobbles" (11.28.2003)
Sticky question: Is Europe a "Christian" region?

The American Way Bush Serving Thanksgiving Dinner (11.28.2003)
How long before some fool calls his trip a political junket?

News Italy, Germany Cooperating (11.28.2003)
But it's OK, since they're capturing terrorists

We All Need a Little Humor Ever Left Something in a Hotel? (11.28.2003)
Canadian bellboy found plans for D-Day left behind after Quebec Conference in WWII

The United States of America Bush's Speech to Troops (11.28.2003)
"You are defeating the terrorists here in Iraq, so that we don't have to face them in our own country"

Computers and the Internet Busting the Nigerian Bank Scam (11.26.2003)
Those bogus emails are one of Nigeria's top-five foreign-exchange industries

Science and Technology Fusion Reactor for France (11.26.2003)
Will cost billions

Science and Technology Making it Easier to Recycle Plastics (11.26.2003)
Molding at room temps saves lots of money

Threats to the American Way Chinese "Scholar" Busted (11.26.2003)
Had sold computer technology to same Chinese government that busted her

The United States of America US Planning to Re-Distribute Troops (11.26.2003)
Fewer in Germany and Japan, more in southern Asia

We All Need a Little Humor Oh Bloody Heck (11.26.2003)
Florida woman has stroke, acquires strange syndrome, now speaks with British accent

Computers and the Internet Los Angeles Needs to Find Something Better to Do (11.26.2003)
City worker complains because computers use "master/slave" terminology

Aviation Future of Personal Aviation (11.26.2003)
Majority: Cheaper, faster, lighter; still probably not universal

Aviation Forbes: 100 Years of Flight (11.26.2003)
Well-done slide show

Business and Finance 40% of Australian Housing Loans are for Investment Properties (11.26.2003)
Twice as many there own rental properties as in U.S.

Business and Finance Personal Income Continues Climbing (11.26.2003)
Income from private industry continues to climb

Threats to the American Way New Al-Qaeda Warning (11.24.2003)
Could be non-conventional. Could be in US.

Threats to the American Way Chemical Attack on London Foiled (11.24.2003)
BBC: UK official "'sick and tired' of people pretending there was not a terrorist threat"

News Pictures of the Georgian Coup (11.24.2003)
Storming the parliament

The American Way Georgian President Quits (11.23.2003)
New leadership more pro-Western; want fast reforms

The American Way Turkish Government Orders Anti-Terrorism Messages in Mosques (11.23.2003)
Separation of church and state usually good, but I won't argue with this one

Threats to the American Way Iraqi Terrorists Killing Civilians (11.23.2003)
Scent of desperation in the air

Threats to the American Way Concerns About Patriot Act Abuse in Nevada (11.23.2003)
Grand jury skipped in investigation of Las Vegas political scandal

Business and Finance Ethanol For Everyone (11.21.2003)
Manitoba to mandate use of 10% ethanol; corn farmers dance for joy

Computers and the Internet Internet Over Power Lines (11.21.2003)
It can be done, it's just tricky

Threats to the American Way Government Quietly Issuing Terror Warnings (11.21.2003)
Turkish foreign minister: "[W]e are trying to prove that a Muslim country can be democratic...This may disturb some people"

Science and Technology Radio Tags On Your Clothes (11.21.2003)
Might reduce shoplifting, but could also violate your privacy

Threats to the American Way Revolution Pending in Republic of Georgia (11.21.2003)
Opposition leader threatening violence

Business and Finance High Taxes Create Black Markets (11.21.2003)
Excessive taxation pushes legitimate businesses out of the market

The American Way Free Trade for All (11.21.2003)
Free Trade Area of The Americas coming in 2005...and it's good for you

Threats to the American Way Two Terrorist Attacks in Istanbul (11.20.2003)
Suicide bombings at British consulate, British bank and shopping center

Threats to the American Way Terror Attacks Targeted Capitalist Symbols (11.20.2003)
Witness tells BBC: "[T]he area is 'full of modern buildings, symbols of capitalism'".

Threats to the American Way Al Qaeda Claims Turkish Attacks (11.20.2003)
This is war

The United States of America Bush, Kennedy Both Elected Without Majorities (11.20.2003)
Why the people who still don't get it about the 2000 election probably don't get what they're saying

News Just a Scare at White House (11.20.2003)
Evacuation caused by radar error

Threats to the American Way Chinese Communists Threatening War Over Taiwan (11.19.2003)
We really don't need war with China, but what's the price of loyalty?

News Unsterilized Equipment Being Used in Canadian Hospitals (11.19.2003)
Someone tell the Democratic Presidential candidates who want socialized medicine here, too

The American Way Where Are the Protesters? (11.19.2003)
Silent majority (or those with jobs) rules in UK: Cops and reporters outnumber anti-US protesters during President's visit

Science and Technology East Coast Blackout Was Avoidable (11.19.2003)
Causes included bad tree trimming, poor communication, weak alarm systems

Business and Finance Big Fraud Bust Against Currency Traders (11.19.2003)
1,000 victims; 20 years of scheming

The American Way Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work in UK (11.19.2003)
Hospitals trying to opt out of government control

The American Way Queen Turns Tour Guide (11.19.2003)
Queen, Prime Minister voice support for Bush; protesters number in hundreds, not thousands

Science and Technology "Extremophiles" - The X-Games Players of Microbes (11.19.2003)
Found in slag heaps with the pH of floor stripper

Computers and the Internet Virus Mimicks PayPal (11.19.2003)
Don't reply with your bank details to unsolicited emails, period

News Newspaper Claims Buckingham Palace Not Secure (11.19.2003)
Reporter says he got job based on false credentials with no security check

News Reporter: How I Got Into Buckingham (11.19.2003)
Says one of his character references was a guy he knew from the bar

News Working for Royals Not Much Fun (11.19.2003)
More staff on show when conservatives in power, less for liberals

The United States of America Why We Care That Buckingham Isn't Secure (11.18.2003)
Security codes handed over after three days on the job; President Bush on the guest list

Science and Technology Mystery Particle Discovered (11.18.2003)
Imaginative scientists call it "X(3872)"

Science and Technology New Catalog of Endangered Species (11.18.2003)
Sadly we note creators of "Queer Eye" show not among them

Aviation United Tries Mimicking Southwest with "Ted" Airline (11.18.2003)
Chicago-based airline (United) passes over Chicago-based jet manufacturer (Boeing) in favor of a fleet of European birds from Airbus

Computers and the Internet Chase Iowa Inmates Online (11.18.2003)
Look them up. Why? I do not know.

We All Need a Little Humor What to Think of Paris Hilton (11.18.2003)
Cute enough to keep our attention, ditzy enough to be the marshmallow fluff on your dinnertime news

Business and Finance Aussie Docs Order Lots of Tests (11.18.2003)
Advocates say socialized medicine reduces costs; reality says docs will do whatever they can to reduce liability, including ordering lots of tests

The American Way Town Ordinance Calls for a Gun in Every Home (11.18.2003)
I feel safer already

Threats to the American Way North Korea Dangerous Not Because They're Good, But Because They're Big (11.18.2003)
More special-ops forces than the U.S.

The American Way More Brits Support Bush Visit Than Oppose (11.18.2003)
Protests will inevitably get more attention

The United States of America Massachusetts Court Says Gay Marriage Allowed (11.18.2003)
Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution says each state must give "full faith and credit" to legal contracts from every other state

Threats to the American Way Making You Live with Chinese Regulations on Free Speech (11.18.2003)
Establishing a world governing body for the Internet might mean bending our free-speech rights to the will of Communists and dictators

The United States of America Pulling Back from the DMZ (11.18.2003)
Defense Department says we're still committed to South Korea

The American Way Mr. Bush Goes to London (11.18.2003)
UK says Secret Service will be prosecuted if they shoot anybody

The American Way She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (11.18.2003)
Tracking the US-UK relationship over time

The American Way Race to the Middle (Right) (11.17.2003)
Canadians proving that multi-party systems tend to consolidate into two-party systems

News New Canadian Prime Minister (11.17.2003)
Guess what's near the top of his to-do list? Budget problems from socialized medicine. Surprise!

Threats to the American Way Commerce Supercedes Differences, But Turkey Pays Anyway (11.17.2003)
Free markets bridge gaps between people with differences; terrorists want to make that painful

Threats to the American Way Terrorists Now Threatening Everyone They Can Name (11.17.2003)
"You're either with us or against us" is usually a false dichotomy; in the case of terrorism, it isn't anymore

Business and Finance Australia Apparently Ignores Canadian, British Experience (11.17.2003)
No other explanation for expanding socialized health services

Computers and the Internet "Second-Degree Spam" (11.17.2003)
Failure to tailor messages irritates people when they sign up for newsletters

Science and Technology Electronic Pickpocketing (11.17.2003)
Security lapses mean data on mobile phones can be hacked

Business and Finance Terrorist Threats Push Stocks Down (11.17.2003)
If you haven't priced terrorism into your investments by this point, you need to wake up and smell the fundamentalist hatred

We All Need a Little Humor When You Buy In Bulk, You Save! (11.17.2003)
State of Iowa purchases Ramen noodles for inmates 161,280 packages at a time

Science and Technology Sometimes the Cure is Worse Than the Disease (11.17.2003)
How to stop a hijacked big-rig

Computers and the Internet Online Roots Chasing (11.15.2003)
British crash website with their 1901 census

Threats to the American Way Georgia Boiling Over (11.15.2003)
Shevardnaze says protesters they're playing with civil war

We All Need a Little Humor Canine Tests Indicate Dark Beer Good for Heart (11.14.2003)
Someone actually found a way to legitimize the old college trick of teaching your dog to drink beer

Science and Technology Guinness is Good for You (11.14.2003)
How many times do I have to tell you?

Threats to the American Way Unholy Alliance (11.14.2003)
France, Germany talking about unification. No punchline; this isn't a joke.

Science and Technology Babboon Moms Act Like Human Moms (11.14.2003)
Cooperate with caring for kids, observe social hierarchy; minivans next?

Business and Finance Economic Recovery Reaches Europe (11.14.2003)
France, Germany both growing again

Science and Technology Scientists Create Virus in Lab (11.14.2003)
Virus built to kill E. coli

Threats to the American Way Iraqi Resistance About 5,000 People (11.14.2003)
US: Behavior makes them look bigger than they are

Aviation Airport Screening for SARS a Bomb (11.14.2003)
Canada says it just doesn't do any good

Computers and the Internet Viruses Getting Ahead of Software (11.12.2003)
IT departments spending too much time fighting spam to catch on

Business and Finance How to Break Up Enron (11.12.2003)
A phone call you don't want to receive

Business and Finance Notes from the Really, Really Laissez-Faire Camp (11.12.2003)
Economist says Hoover started the New Deal

The American Way Bush to Visit Britain (11.11.2003)
The Telegraph rightly calls protesters "anti-capitalists"

Science and Technology Light Up Your Life (11.11.2003)
Scientists try to duplicate solar flares

The American Way Saudi Bombing Makes Arab Press Wake Up (11.11.2003)
Even some of the old anti-American presses are now singing a different tune

Threats to the American Way Georgia Falling Apart (11.11.2003)
President forced out of capital; warlords becoming power brokers

Threats to the American Way You're Never Far From Censorship (11.11.2003)
Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea mad he didn't clamp down

The United States of America Veterans' Day Tribute to NCO's (11.11.2003)
Former officer has high praises for sergeants

Threats to the American Way National ID Cards Set for UK (11.11.2003)
Our trans-Atlantic cousins to be tracked biometrically by 2013

Threats to the American Way Iran Nuke Programs Get "Mixed" Report (11.10.2003)
Iran starting to cooperate after reading the writing on the wall

Threats to the American Way Cato: US Should Review Saudi "Friendship" (11.10.2003)
House of Saud still showing little resolve to combat Islamic terrorism

The United States of America Chicago Panhandlers Win Suit Against City (11.10.2003) (from Opinion Journal)
Lawyers to get about four times the amount panhandlers get

The United States of America Rumsfeld Ambiguous About Leaving Iraq (11.10.2003)
Says troop numbers to fall by May, but will stay until U.S. achieves "success"

Threats to the American Way Riyadh Terror Attack Kills 17 (11.10.2003)
Terrorists kill kids

Threats to the American Way Israeli Paper Blasts Censorship (11.10.2003)
How censorship hurts democracies like Israel and the U.S.

The United States of America On Veterans' Day (11.10.2003)
Defending our freedom against violent enemies

The American Way Senators: Visit Sunny Cuba! (11.7.2003)
Senate Foreign Relations votes to end travel restrictions; maybe they realized trade tends to destabilize dictators

Business and Finance Study: Go Ahead and Screw Around at Work (11.7.2003)
Dutch study says Solitaire and Minesweeper are good for morale

Threats to the American Way Arafat Still Supports Terrorism (11.7.2003)
Palestinian Authority gives funds to suicide bombing group

The United States of America True Heroes (11.5.2003)
Aviation Announcing This Policy Opens a Serious Can of Worms (11.5.2003)
Science and Technology You're in the Middle of a Huge Collision (11.4.2003)
Computers and the Internet Bluejacking (11.4.2003)
Computers and the Internet Estimate: Google Worth $15 Billion (11.4.2003)
The American Way Go Support Sears For Its Good Behavior (11.3.2003)
Science and Technology Seven Marathons, Seven Continents, Seven Days (11.2.2003)
Science and Technology On the Chinese Space Mission (11.2.2003)
Science and Technology Guess This Turns the "Sticks and Stones" Thing On Its Head (11.2.2003)
Aviation Laser-Powered Plane Launched; Mister Fusion Next (11.2.2003)
The United States of America Governors' Fiscal Report Card (11.2.2003)
Threats to the American Way No Protests for You! (11.2.2003)
The American Way Saudi Arabia Sees Iraq, Gets Smarter (11.2.2003)
Computers and the Internet Email "Pollution" (11.2.2003)
Threats to the American Way Some Cultural Habits Deserve to Wither Away (11.2.2003)
Business and Finance Iraq Circulating New Currency (11.2.2003)
Business and Finance Murdoch to Test Own Son for Job (11.2.2003)
Computers and the Internet Worst Data Losses of the Year (11.2.2003)
Threats to the American Way Revising the Patriot Act Two Years Later (11.2.2003)
Science and Technology You're Lucky to Be Here (11.2.2003)
Threats to the American Way Photos from the WTC Subway Stations (11.1.2003)
Threats to the American Way Attacks Continue in Iraq (11.1.2003)