Gongol.com Archives: December 2003
Brian Gongol

The American Way Illegal Immigrants a Problem in UK, Too (12.4.2003)
Somehow, I don't think North Korea has this problem

The American Way Freedom Tower to Replace WTC (12.22.2003)
1776-foot tower to be built with insurance money; will set new record height in gigantic "screw you" to enemies of freedom

The American Way Productivity Soars in Third Quarter (12.3.2003)
What the heck made you do it, America? 14.7% jump in durable-goods manufacturing

The American Way Fighting Communism with Beauty Pageants (12.3.2003)
Chairman Mao rolling in grave over Miss World 2003 contest

The American Way Operation Red Dawn Captures Saddam Hussein (12.14.2003)
They named it for that guilty-pleasure 80's Brat Pack film

The American Way Rumor: Saddam's Ex-Wife Ratted Him Out (12.14.2003)
So would the $25 million reward be part of a divorce settlement?

The American Way How US Forces Caught Saddam (12.14.2003)
The bricks were too well-placed

Business and Finance Dragging Britain into the Debt Circle (12.3.2003)
Britons now borrowing like they're Americans

Computers and the Internet Street Vendors Peddling Internet Like Hot Dogs (12.4.2003)
Art students get goofy ideas

Computers and the Internet New Windows Version Coming in 2006 (12.4.2003)
Promising better security, fewer crashes, and unicorns for all

Computers and the Internet Canadians to Pay MP3 Tax (12.15.2003)
Special fee to cover copyright value lost to copying

Aviation Next Century of Flight (12.14.2003)
Ultra-big and ultra-small both anticipated

Aviation Boeing Chief Quits (12.3.2003)
CFO may have unethically hired Pentagon official with conflict of interest; CEO goes down, too

Aviation Smithsonian Tried to Re-Write History (from eDodo.org) (12.14.2003)
Didn't want to give Wright Brothers credit for powered flight

We All Need a Little Humor Hip-Hop is BBC's Biggest New Station (12.4.2003)
Top station in UK apparently eclectic mix of everything

We All Need a Little Humor Balladeer Lightfoot Named to Order of Canada (12.14.2003)
I just wanted to write "balladeer"

News Scores Killed in Philippine Mudslides (12.22.2003)
More rain in a day than in a normal month

News I'm Beginning to Like Poland (12.14.2003)
First they stand with the US on Iraq; now they're messing with the EU from the inside

News French Floods Close Two Nuclear Plants (12.3.2003)
That's nuclear power plant...as in splitting atoms

News Security Guard Killed at UN Headquarters (12.3.2003)
Shooting death on the 3rd floor

News UK to Test Abortion Law (12.4.2003)
Third-trimester abortion over a cleft palate

News Big Explosion in Sydney (12.3.2003)
But no one knows what it was

Science and Technology Immigrant Birth Rates Fall in Canada (12.22.2003)
The longer they live in Canada, the fewer kids they have; matches perfectly with economic expectations

Science and Technology How Spiders Hook Up (12.4.2003)
Females pick males who look like the ones they saw when young, eat the rest

Science and Technology Getting that Stupid Song Out of Your Head (12.3.2003)
I've long said some songs can only be exorcised by repeated playing...science says I'm right

Science and Technology German May Have Invented Phone Before Bell (12.4.2003)
Then again, if it didn't work as well, did he really?

Science and Technology Science Magazine Picks Top 10 Advances of 2003 (12.22.2003)
Universe is made of "dark energy" more than anything else; so is ABC's prime-time lineup

Science and Technology Hearing Separates Us From Chimps (12.15.2003)
Humans evolved with better sound-to-speech capacities than other primates

Science and Technology Lightening the Soldier's Burden (12.3.2003)
Typical combat load up to 150 pounds today; looking for a 50-lb. solution

Science and Technology New World's Tallest Building (12.22.2003)
Neither Sears Tower nor Petronas Towers

Threats to the American Way Cardinal: Anti-Semitism Rising in Europe (12.22.2003)
Campaign of "new anti-Semitism" conducted by violent Muslim youth

Threats to the American Way HHS Head: World "Losing" AIDS Fight (12.4.2003)
40 million infected with HIV worldwide

Threats to the American Way Egyptian Foreign Minister Attacked at Jerusalem Mosque (12.22.2003)
Israel's quandary: How can you negotiate when your enemies won't even let their own people talk with you?

Threats to the American Way Libya Was Trying to Build Weapons of Mass Destruction (12.22.2003)
War in Iraq gave Gaddafi second thoughts; funny how sanctions didn't

Threats to the American Way Pakistani President Avoids Assassination (12.14.2003)
Says with impressive bravado: "I'm used to such incidents it's happened before"

Threats to the American Way Saddam Down, Others To Go (12.15.2003)
Other war criminals remain at large; some want them hunted, too

Threats to the American Way Powell Says Bin Laden Tapes Create US Allies (12.4.2003)
Says terrorist's huffing and puffing wakes up others

Threats to the American Way Terror Threat Continues in UK (12.4.2003)
Four detained in southwest London

Threats to the American Way North Korea Stole $10 Million from Iraq (12.4.2003)
Weapons deal was negotiated in Syria -- the same Syria that sat on the UN Security Council

Threats to the American Way Former Saddam Photog Says Satan Drives a Japanese Pickup (12.3.2003)
Hussein reportedly now wearing that hideous beard

The United States of America Shifting From Big Overseas Bases to "Warm" Environments (12.4.2003)
Might be easier for us to fight global terrorism with lots of smaller allies

The United States of America How to Deter Modern Enemies (12.4.2003)
Defense Department looking at new strategies, since terrorists don't act like the old Russkies