Gongol.com Archives: May 2004
Brian Gongol

Aviation News In Honor of Memorial Day (5.31.2004)
Take a closer look at one of the weapons of war that has kept our freedom alive and well

The United States of America How You Can Help Servicemembers in Active Duty (5.31.2004)
Memorial Day is an excellent reminder that we should thank those who have served, both living and dead

News Canada Wants a Caribbean Province (5.31.2004)
Wouldn't you, too? Cuba should probably be our first choice next time we add some new states.

We All Need a Little Humor Keyboard for Pirates (5.31.2004)
I have written more words about this page in this sentence than you will find on the entire site. It's still funny.

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head EU Regulations Could Make UK Car Prices Skyrocket (5.29.2004)
Ford's European division already losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Premature Twins Too Much for BC Health System (5.29.2004)
Socialized medicine means not having decent enough health care nearby that you can count on

News Likely Candidate for Major EU Post Known as "Baby Thatcher" (5.29.2004)
Could there be a greater honor than that nickname?

We All Need a Little Humor Variations on Für Elise (5.28.2004)
The Internet is full of things you'd never have found before

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Memorial for the Victims of Communism (5.28.2004)
Since the Communist flavor of totalitarianism was responsible for even more deaths than the equally-reprehensible Fascist flavor, this seems a decent endeavor. Not sure if the Communists were (are?) bad enough? Visit the Museum of Communism and see what you think. You can contribute to the memorial effort here.

News US to Cooperate with Russia to Recover Weapons-Grade Uranium (5.28.2004)
Enough uranium to create 10 nuclear bombs is floating around two dozen old reactor sites in the former USSR, and we don't need it falling into the wrong hands

News Greece: If a Plane Threatens the Olympics, We'll Shoot It Down (5.28.2004)
70,000 police will patrol the Olympic village

The United States of America More Americans Need to Study Math, Science, and Engineering (5.28.2004)
Half of those degrees in 2001 went to foreign-born students, but the 9/11 impact means fewer of those students are getting in. Without lots more native-born Americans getting into these fields, we're in serious trouble.

Science and Technology Ireland Plans to Tap American Scientists (5.28.2004)
Culturally, Ireland is little more different from the US than, say, the Midwest is from the West Coast or the South

The American Way Shocking! Lower Taxes Brought in Huge Revenues for Polish Government (5.28.2004)
Arthur Laffer must be pleased: A reduction in the tax rate from 23% to 19% brought in 50% of the year's expected revenues in just four months

Computers and the Internet Anti-Spam Laws May Be Causing More Junk E-Mail (5.28.2004)
The law may have legitimized junk e-mail enough to create more of it rather than less. Some expect that 80% of all e-mail traffic this year will be spam. 40% of spam is now for drugs like Viagra, while 38% is for "hot stock tips" and the like. Porn e-mail now accounts for less than 5% of spam.

Business and Finance Europeans Now Spending More on Mobile Phone Service than Electricity and Gas (5.28.2004)
Heaviest users are people with camera phones

Aviation News Traffic Plane in San Francisco Makes Emergency Landing on Freeway (5.28.2004)
The irony speaks for itself. The pilot ran out of gas. Helpful motorist swerved back and forth across lanes behind it to clear a path for the landing.

Threats to the American Way US Wants UK to Extradite Radical Muslim Cleric (5.28.2004)
Abu Hamza, possibly also known as Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, accused of hostage-taking, conspiracy, and support of Al Qaeda

Election 2004 Sen. Kerry Arrives a Day Late and Dollar Short (5.28.2004)
Declares now -- NOW! -- that terrorism would be his main foreign-policy objective. He's been campaigning for a year, and it took him until now to acknowledge that the safety and security of Americans should be his top foreign-policy objective? How long did he leave his finger in the wind to figure out public opinion on that one? Sen. Kerry couldn't pass up the chance to call for more "international consensus," either. As if waiting for Algeria or Angola to agree with us on the UN Security Council is the best way to conduct our foreign affairs. Domestic "consensus" causes things like the Macarena craze. We need leadership more than consensus.

Science and Technology Less Sunshine in Your Life (5.28.2004)
Researcher says 10% less sunlight is falling on the planet than did 50 years ago. Much of it may have come from Asia. The special irony is that it may have reduced global warming.

The United States of America Should US Objective Be "Advisory" Role in Iraq? (5.27.2004)
The suggestion is that, rather than engaging the enemy directly in Iraq, the US should follow its own model from fighting in El Salvador or the British model used in India. A small number of military "advisors" would guide the use of a much larger indigenous force. This was, in part, the subject of a July 2003 article in the The Atlantic Monthly.

The American Way "It's Not That Empires Are All Good. It's Just That the Alternatives Are Worse." (5.27.2004)
Drop whatever you're doing right now and read this interview on the The Atlantic Monthly's website. Niall Ferguson, in a short (five page) interview, does a phenomenal job of putting perspective on why America is already an empire and why it needs to be more so: "If we don't extend our civilization, an even worse empire may emerge -- see the Cold War." Outstanding. Make some time as well to read this counter-argument.

Business and Finance Naming Rights to a 16,000-Seat Arena in a Top 100 Market: About $500,000 a Year (5.26.2004)
Des Moines sells naming rights to the arena at the new Iowa Events Center to Wells Fargo for $11.5 million over 20 years. Just as long as they don't pull an Enron.

We All Need a Little Humor Oh How MS Word Drives a User Nuts (5.26.2004)
WordPerfect launches commercial campaign (link goes to video stream of one of those commercials) ripping on stupid MS Office features that annoy more than they help. WordPerfect used to be the best word processing software around, but then it started to slip. Will version 12 be good enough -- or even perfect? I'm not so sure.

Threats to the American Way Research Group Thinks Iraq War has Helped Al Qaeda (5.26.2004)
One report does not a convincing argument make. I still think the good done by toppling a madman in control of a rogue state with chemical weapons probably outweighs the harm, but objective evaluation requires hearing many arguments. I will submit, however, that it's time to stop using the phrase "winning hearts and minds." It's not a significant stretch to conclude that any rational human being using his or her mind should logically conclude that systems encouraging liberty under the rule of law are mankind's natural right. What we need to do instead is act in a manner intended to win over the less-rational people who decide based on emotions. I don't like it one bit -- it's terrible that more people aren't rational -- but the case for swinging the rest of the world over to a Western way of life is a sales pitch, and it's one that we now must make with the kind of gravity we should reserve for life-or-death issues. Because this one is.

Threats to the American Way Al Qaeda Trying to Swing Leftists (5.26.2004)
Analysis of last month's tape suggests that the paranoiacs who think corporations are out to get them are the kinds of folks Bin Laden & Co. are hoping will crumble

Threats to the American Way FBI Worried About Terrorist Attacks This Summer (5.26.2004)
Major events include the quadrennial political conventions, 4th of July events, and the dedication of the new WWII memorial. After Spain got wobbly knees from the Madrid train bombing and elected government of pussyfooting leftists, Al Qaeda may think it can get the same thing out of the United States.

The American Way How Samuel Insull Got Robbed (5.26.2004)
Insull was a major industrialist in the early part of the century, but his empire was destroyed during the Great Depression. Some say his fall was a precursor to the Enron scandal, but this article counters that he was in fact brought down by regulation, manipulative bankers, and crooked politicians.

News Floods in Haiti and Dominican Republic Kill 600 (5.26.2004)
13,000 people homeless with hundreds still missing

The Looming Water Crisis Fire Season Heating Up, But Planes Aren't Ready (5.26.2004)
Forest Service says 33 aerial tankers are unsafe to fly, but Southwestern Members of Congress aren't exactly pleased with the decision

Aviation News California Coastline Project (5.26.2004)
Pilot, photog couple is trying to photograph the entire coastline of California. They'll never get the chance to photograph Vandenburg Air Force Base because of legal restrictions, but the courts said they can take pictures of Barbra Streisand's home, whether or not she likes it.

News Why You Should Always Be Skeptical of What You Read and Hear (5.26.2004)
Photos alleging abuse of Iraqi detainees by British soldiers weren't true, even though they were published in London's Daily Mirror. It cannot be repeated often enough: We are all responsible for evaluating the truth behind everything we read, see, and hear. If it smells fishy, that goes doubly. One of the soldiers involved in faking the photos in this case has been arrested. The BBC has a very good article detailing past hoaxes, including some performed by people who do this kind of thing semi-professionally.

Business and Finance Liberal Talk-Radio Network Struggles to Find Competent Management (5.24.2004)
Why put someone who's "not a radio man" in charge of a radio network? Whatever happened to knowing your product? Count on Air America to fall apart by February.

News Flooding Returns to Central Iowa (5.24.2004)
See shots of flooding on the Raccoon and Walnut Creek

News Big Bear Killed in Residential Winnipeg (5.24.2004)
Weighed over 200 lbs.

Threats to the American Way Terrorists Kill Two People in Bangladesh (5.24.2004)
60 others injured, including the British ambassador. Blast happened at a Muslim shrine.

Science and Technology Low-Carb Diets Seem to Work in Short Run, But Forget the Long Run (5.24.2004)
When followed well, it can mean quick weight loss...but most people don't stick to restrictive diets very well, and side effects include things like bad breath and constipation

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Green Party Hoping to Gain Power in Canada (5.24.2004)
It's pretty difficult to believe that they're going to be a "fiscally conservative" party as their leader promises. On a side note, isn't it a little ironic that the Green Party, an avowedly leftist organization, is one of the only international political parties? Aren't leftists the ones always opposing "globalization"?

News Canada Goes to Polls June 28th (5.24.2004)
Liberal Party is polling ahead right now

Aviation Roof Collapse at DeGaulle Airport Kills Four (5.24.2004)
New cracks now being reported

Threats to the American Way Hizbul Mujahideen Kills 28 in Terrorist Attack (5.24.2004)
Six children killed

The American Way UK Lets Pakistan Back into the Commonwealth (5.24.2004)
Reward for progress toward reinstating democracy

Threats to the American Way Al Qaeda Claims It Killed Five in Baghdad Attack (5.24.2004)
Some good news, though: Fighting in Karbala may be over

The United States of America Looking Back Two Years in the War on Al Qaeda (5.24.2004)
Evaluate for yourself whether we're achieving the intended goals

Aviation Watch Over the Shoulders of Air Traffic Controllers (5.24.2004)
Website allows you to see traffic almost-live at JFK, LAX, Logan, and other airports (from eDodo.org)

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Fat People Are Making Lawyers Rich (5.24.2004)
Stupid lawsuits are really only good at taking more choices out of consumers' hands, and that's not a good thing

News Reports of Sex Scandal at US Air Force Academy Were Probably Inflated (5.24.2004)
Results: "Solutions" imposed may not have had any relation to reality, and the gravity of real assaults becomes diminished

News US Military: We Hit Terrorist Target (5.24.2004)
Conflicting evidence over what was actually there before 45 people were killed

News NWS Report on Storm Damage in Bradgate (5.23.2004)
Small Iowa town was essentially destroyed by a tornado on Friday (May 21)

News Photos of Flooding in Downtown Des Moines (5.23.2004)
The Raccoon River has risen enough that the Fleur Drive bridge was closed this afternoon. More rain is in the forecast.

Election 2004 What If Tom Brokaw Ran for VP? (5.23.2004)
The network news anchor, interestingly, is really not interested in being covered by the media

Computers and the Internet Man Proposes Via Fark.Com (5.23.2004)
Because there's no better way to express your eternal affection than on a public message board that, among other things, regularly highlights links to half-naked women

Aviation Pilot Gets Kicked Out of Singapore for Leading Union Revolt (5.23.2004)
Unions can be a pain, but isn't that going a little overboard?

News Tornadoes Hit Eastern Iowa (5.22.2004)
See video footage of tornadoes and flooding damage

Business and Finance Clustering Iowa's Major Industries (5.21.2004)
Per-capita income isn't rising here as fast as in the rest of the country. Getting smart about the businesses we encourage here could change that.

Threats to the American Way Protesters at UK House of Commons Prove Security There Isn't Worth Diddly (5.21.2004)
They threw a sack of colored flour that hit Prime Minister Tony Blair. If it had been something other than flour, like a chemical weapon, it could've been a very serious incident. Not to mention there's no clear line of succession in the UK.

Science and Technology Polish-Egyptian Team Finds Library of Alexandria (5.21.2004)
It was basically the center of the scientific world 2,000 years ago; was probably destroyed by Julius Caesar after Archimedes, Ptolemy, and Euclid had finished their work there (from eDodo.org)

News New Taiwanese President Inaugurated (5.21.2004)
Beijing hates it, local papers don't entirely think he went far enough

Science and Technology Tornadoes: They Breed! (5.21.2004)
Multiple vortices can be developed from the same tornadic storm, and it can raise wind speeds by 100 mph on the ground

We All Need a Little Humor World Record Set: 82 People Ride Roller Coaster Naked (5.21.2004)
As you should expect, the pictures in the link above are not exactly safe for work. If you thought a tabloid news story on 82 Britons riding a roller coaster in the nude was going to be safe for work, then you're an idiot. No surprise: They're a bunch of students. No surprise: People took photos. Surprise: The pictures were taken to raise money for charity.

Aviation British Police Call BBC 'Idiots' for Shooting Mock Terrorist Attack on the Heathrow Flight Path (5.21.2004)
It shut down flights for 20 minutes. Whoops.

Aviation Note to Self: Heads of Western Governments Are Unlikely To Be Terrorists (5.21.2004)
In all probability, the Prime Minister of New Zealand isn't packing explosives. An old story, but who reported it in the US at the time? It's still funny.

Business and Finance Find Out How Much a Speaker Costs (5.21.2004)
I'm really in the wrong line of business -- lots of these people charge $50,000 and up per speech. Shoot -- I do it for much less than that.

We All Need a Little Humor Of All the Things I Didn't Know (5.21.2004)
Dr. Ruth -- the world's best-known sex psychologist -- was a Holocaust orphan and fought in the Israeli militia when she was 16

News Air America (the Liberal Talk Network) is Out of Control (5.20.2004)
Their product isn't very good, and now they have serious money troubles

Aviation Huge Robbery Foiled at Heathrow Airport (5.20.2004)
Six men stole a van and crashed it into a warehouse storing cash and precious metals; 100 officers of the Metropolitan Police showed them to their new lodgings behind bars

The United States of America Rumsfeld Says Things Going Better in Iraq than Reported (5.20.2004)
80 to 90% of the country being run by local governments. Of course, there's still the high likelihood that more terrorist attacks on the US are expected. Also of note: Vehicle accidents are the leading non-combat cause of death among servicemembers in Iraq.

Aviation Airline Competition in Europe Puts New Carrier Out of Business (5.20.2004)
Imagine: It's so competitive that some tickets go for less than $2

Threats to the American Way Palestinian Arabs Show Off Remains of Murdered Israeli Soldiers (5.20.2004)
Six killed when a bomb hit their vehicle. Israel says seven Palestinian Arabs killed in an air assault were about to plant more explosives. Now, are Israel's demolition of Palestinian settlements in Gaza a smart move that will stop the flow of weapons from Egypt or an inappropriate attack on innocent civilians? I don't have that answer. 20 people were killed on Tuesday: Some were gunmen, one was handling explosives, but others were children.

The United States of America Defense Department Says It's Improving Handling of Red Cross Reports (5.20.2004)
One general will read them all

Threats to the American Way Sarin Found in Iraqi Shell (5.20.2004)
Two US troops treated for exposure. Iraq had chemical weapons.

Threats to the American Way Terrorists Kill Russian Forces in Chechnya (5.20.2004)
Four police killed when their vehicle hit a land mine; eight soldiers killed by a second mine and rebel gunfire when they went to help

The American Way Opinions on India's New Prime Minister from the Inside (5.20.2004)
Singh appears to be universally respected. The priority issue is whether he's going to keep up the same economic reforms that will keep India from spinning its wheels without moving forward. A related article points out that growth depends on the rule of law and whether traditional underclasses get the chance to use reforms to their benefit. His public pronouncements so far suggest he'll stay with a moderate reformist agenda, but will stick with some of the old protectionist policies like nationalizing major utility industries. Fortunately, he also says he'll pursue peace with Pakistan.

Computers and the Internet Website Launching Soon Will Tell People Whether You Read Their E-Mail (5.20.2004)
As well as where you read it and whether they forwarded it on; I anticipate that someone will respond quickly with a filter or block for this system; I don't want spammers following me or thieves pinging my inbox to see if I'm home (with a nod to Marginal Revolution for the link

The American Way Gandhi Won't Be Indian Prime Minister, Economic Reformer Will (5.20.2004)
Manmohan Singh was finance minister in the early 1990's; the stock markets viewed his ascension very favorably

The American Way Profile of Manmohan Singh (5.20.2004)
The Beeb says he's a fan of mixed governments (generally free-market, with a large public sector influence), but in a 2001 interview, he said he was not a Keynesian but rather a believer in smaller government. Either way, it's hard for developing nations to resist the urge to mimic the South Korean model

The United States of America President Bush Says US is Engaged in "Calling of a Generation" Against Terror (5.20.2004)
He's probably right, but only if you replace "terror" with "al Qaeda." Terrorism is a method. Al Qaeda is a movement. We cannot eliminate terrorism as a practice any more than we can enforce the brushing of teeth, but we can reasonably seek the defeat and eradication of a particular movement.

News Mufti Says Al Qaeda Attack on Australia Would Be Stupid (5.20.2004)
Now if only more of them would say that about attacks anywhere

The Looming Water Crisis Parts of Texas Have Used Up 400' of Groundwater Since 1940 (5.18.2004)
The tragedy of their commons: Anyone sitting on top of groundwater can use as much as they want

Aviation Radar System Could Help Prevent Plane Crashes (5.18.2004)
Scans for water droplets in clouds that can lead to icing, since ice on the wings can destroy a plane's ability to fly

Science and Technology We Can Rebuild Him...We Have the Technology (5.18.2004)
University of California develops strap-on bionic legs that can help regular people carry huge loads

Threats to the American Way UN Finds Black Box in a Filing Cabinet (5.18.2004)
It belonged to the plane that crashed with the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi aboard in 1994. The crash led to fighting that left 800,000 people dead. The people accused of shooting down the plane are now running Rwanda. The UN lost the black box for a decade, stalling any investigation. But who says the UN is useless?

News Canadian Murder Suspect May Have Mixed Victims' Bodies with Meat (5.18.2004)
It was never commercially distributed, but friends and neighbors may have been fed the contaminated meat. Death penalty, anyone?

We All Need a Little Humor Where Martha Stewart Might Be Singing Jailbird Songs (5.18.2004)
Of course, Forbes has a "Best Places to Go to Prison" list attached

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Leftist Win in India Creates Instability (5.17.2004)
When the defeated party had brought about tremendous economic reforms and the new government has to talk to the Communists in order to create a coalition, one could reasonably say that the cause of capitalism just took a step backwards

The United States of America Don't Cut this Marine in Line (5.17.2004)
Lieutenant emptied his own M16 and 9mm pistol into a group of attacking Iraqi soldiers, then took rifles from two dead Iraqi soldiers and emptied those into more Iraqi soldiers, then used an RPG launcher to kill a few more. Wow.

We All Need a Little Humor Girl Gets Sent Home from Catholic School Because of Her 8th Grade Graduation Dress (5.17.2004)
She shouldn't have been allowed to graduate, but not for her dress: "I don't think nothing was wrong with the dress," eighth-grader Dannielle Fuqua said. "I wouldn't have came to school if I thought something was wrong with the dress." Someone should ask for her tuition back.

Threats to the American Way Terrorists Kill Iraq's Governing Council President (5.17.2004)
The question now: Who will condemn the attack?

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Leftists Win Power in India; Stock Market Crashes (5.17.2004)
The party that lost had brought huge economic growth by privatizing businesses and opening trade; the new government promises jobs, jobs, jobs; it's bad news for everyone

The American Way War on Al-Qaeda is Also a War of Ideas (5.17.2004)
It's imperative that we sell the American ideal to the rest of the world

We All Need a Little Humor People Dressed Like Muppets in Strange Places (5.17.2004)
Fark Photoshop contests are usually good for a laugh (some may be inappropriate for work)

Business and Finance "Living Wage" Programs Might Just Keep Poor People Down (5.17.2004)
Money would be better spent on improving their job skills, not artificially inflating a handful of wages

Aviation Airline Deregulation: Flying Isn't As Much Fun As It Once Was, But It's a Lot Better (5.17.2004)
Downside: Hub-and-spoke system generally stinks

Threats to the American Way Arab Press Generally Ignores the Beheading (5.17.2004)
Kuwaiti, Jordanian media at least condemned it; Syrians ignored it altogether

Election 2004 John Kerry's Daughter Tempts a Janet Jackson Moment (5.16.2004)
Wears see-through dress at Cannes film festival (photo included, so you might not open this at work)

The American Way Bo Jackson Held Super Bowl Party for US Troops (5.16.2004)
Sent 200,000 lbs. of food

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head World Health Organization Needs Something to Do (5.16.2004)
There's some big fight over what should or should not be included in an obesity document; clearly these people need real jobs

The American Way Getting Iraqi Universities Organized with E-Mail (5.16.2004)
Saddam didn't let most of them use e-mail, so this is a big step forward

News Korea Gets Its President Back (5.14.2004)
Parliament gave him the boot, but the courts put him back

Computers and the Internet Small Radio Tags in Store-Bought Items Could Invade Your Privacy (5.14.2004)
Blocking chips could be the answer

Threats to the American Way Violence in Iraq Shouldn't Overshadow Threat in North Korea (5.14.2004)
Lots of starving people and the world's fifth-largest army

We All Need a Little Humor Hold Your Wedding at the Nixon Library (5.14.2004)
Do you really want his ghost looking over your bride?

We All Need a Little Humor 1950's Positivism Always Worth a Laugh (5.14.2004)
Who says "ultra-modern" any more? Shouldn't someone?

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head British Go Ape Over High Levels of Chemical in Bottled Water (5.14.2004)
It should be pointed out, though, that the levels in the bottled water were lower than the levels allowed in tap water

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head UK Bans Teen PDA, But Won't Really Enforce Law (5.14.2004)
The article may be worth reading just to see the word "snogging" in a serious news report

Science and Technology Don't Go "Apocalypse Now" Behind the Wheel (5.14.2004)
"Ride of the Valkyries" named most dangerous song to hear while driving

Threats to the American Way Month Passes Since Bin Laden's "Truce" Offer (5.14.2004)
Read the story again, then review the list of attacks that have happen worldwide since then

The Looming Water Crisis Western Canada Too Dry (5.14.2004)
Forest fires started early this year

We All Need a Little Humor Alcohol Numbs Pain of Self-Inflicted Surgery (5.14.2004)
Mexican woman who gave herself a C-section (seriously) took three shots before the operation; mother and child survived

Business and Finance Wal-Mart to Pay $3.1 Million for Water Pollution (5.14.2004)
Those huge parking lots become serious pollution problems

The American Way On Our Role in the World (5.12.2004)
"We could be better. The rest of the world could do much, much worse."

Threats to the American Way UK Paper Says Nick Berg was Killed by Well-Known Terrorist (5.12.2004)
The American was a good guy; the terrorist probably responsible for dozens of attacks

Threats to the American Way Terrorists' Offer for Killing Americans and British (5.12.2004)
Bin Laden puts a price on Kofi Annan, too

Threats to the American Way Terrorist Attack Kills Chechen President and Others (5.10.2004)
Putin vows to get "revenge"

Threats to the American Way 15 Killed in Bomb Attack on Mosque (5.6.2004)
Sunni Muslims suspected of attacking Shia Muslims

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Former Provincial Health Minister Says Canadians Using Too Much Health Care (5.6.2004)
Surprise! He says the fact that it's free means people show up for even the smallest health incidents, making the system break down for those who actually need medical attention

Aviation FAA Manager Under Union Pressure Destroyed Tape of ATC's Who Talked to the Hijacked 9/11 Airliners (5.6.2004)
He crushed it, cut it into pieces, and spread the remains into different garbage cans. Sounds fishy, doesn't it?

Threats to the American Way Sudanese Government and Arab Militias Starving Refugees (5.6.2004)
1700 people being held hostage

Threats to the American Way Thoughtful Commentary on the Murdered Israeli Mother and Children (5.6.2004)
Is there really a punishment harsh enough for people who would murder children?

News US Troops Eliminate Another 40 Terrorists (5.6.2004)
Rising violence adds $25 billion to cost of war

Aviation Australia Sending Special Planes Ready to Evacuate Olympic Athletes (5.5.2004)
Lots of anxiety over terror threats

Threats to the American Way Terrorists Bomb Athens Police Station -- Three Times (5.5.2004)
100 days to the Olympics

Aviation News Helicopter Crashes on Tape (5.4.2004)
ABC-affiliate helicopter rolls tape as NBC-affiliate helicopter crashes; no serious injuries

The United States of America Senators Want an Office of Nation-Building (5.4.2004)
Task force director says it won't be the "Office of Colonial Affairs"

Threats to the American Way Why Pulling Punches in Iraq Could Be Fatal (5.3.2004)
Is it rational to not attack militants in "holy sites" when their terrorist compatriots have no reservations about doing the same to Americans?

Threats to the American Way It's Too Soon to Forget September 11th (5.3.2004)
A long but very good reminder of why action is necessary today

Election 2004 Warren Buffet Says He's Backing Kerry (5.3.2004)
It's his second foray into politics lately; last time, he helped Schwarzenegger get elected

Threats to the American Way Turkey Foils Plot to Attack NATO Meeting (5.3.2004)
No surprise: 16 radical Islamic militants arrested

Threats to the American Way Barbaric Palestinians Slaughter Mother and Four Children (5.3.2004)
Is there even a suitable revenge available?

Science and Technology "Wrongful Life" Suits Being Decided in Australia (5.3.2004)
Should a doctor be held liable for not catching a disorder for which the parents would have requested an abortion?

Computers and the Internet Another Series of Computer Worms on the Loose (5.3.2004)
Make sure you've updated Windows software recently

Aviation Sexy Photo (5.3.2004)
The only thing better would be a supermodel in the cockpit

Aviation Pilots Honored for Medical Transport Services After 9/11 (5.3.2004)
They relayed blood platelets and skin grafts cross-country when all other air traffic was shut down

News Canadian Remembrance Ceremony for WWII Seamen (5.3.2004)
Canada lost two dozen ships to the Battle of the Atlantic

The United States of America SCOTUS Justice Souter Mugged While Jogging (5.1.2004)
Doesn't think attackers knew who he was

We All Need a Little Humor Why Lowbrow Isn't a Fatal Condition (5.1.2004)
On favoring cheap beer and hating pretentious films

Socialism Rears Its Ugly Head Problems with Swedish Socialism (5.1.2004)
Socialism grows, growth stops

The United States of America Why US Intervention in Iraq is a Long-Haul Issue for Good (5.1.2004)
Whether the work is being commanded well, it's important and will result in long-run good

The United States of America Agitation Continues for Reinstating the Draft (5.1.2004)
Devaluing some people's labor can have serious negative consequences

The American Way Whatever Happened to Optimism? (5.1.2004)
James Lileks hits great points throughout his website about the classical spirit of American optimism