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News (10.21.2004)
India's Grain Stores Low
It's used for both price stabilization and welfare

Science and Technology (10.21.2004)
Three Parents for One Baby
Uses egg cytoplasm donations to replace about 35 of 30,000 genes so children can avoid carrying on mitochondrial diseases.

Science and Technology (10.21.2004)
World's Largest Wind Turbine Installed
Going in at Hamburg, Germany. Should power roughly the equivalent of 4,500 households. Some think tanks are calling a shift away from petroleum power a national security issue. A rancher is planning to turn 280,000 pounds of cow manure into energy every day in Colorado; it's called anaerobic digestion. Chew on it while thinking about US energy use.

We All Need a Little Humor (10.21.2004)
Oh Who Really Cares Already?
Woman sells "yellow ducky" sponge at a library flea market. It could possibly be interpreted as an adult toy. Turned into a big city ordinance issue. Does anyone really give a rip?

Iowa (10.21.2004)
Des Moines Register Backs City-County Merger
Not surprising that the government-loving Register doesn't see the full scope of disadvantages to the Des Moines/Polk County merger. With glazed eyes, they say "The goal is to get residents of Polk County communities to think of themselves as being on the same team, not as opponents" when in reality there's very good reason for intra-urban tax competition. Ironically, merger advocates also talk a lot about economic development when the Des Moines metro is already growing rapidly.

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (10.21.2004)
Creepy Empty Hotel, Taller Than the Chrysler Building, Dominates Pyongyang Skyline
Among the world's largest buildings, it's #17, just behind the Hancock Center in Chicago. Built in anticipation of Olympic games that never happened. Noted in Marginal Revolution.

The Looming Water Crisis (10.21.2004)
Another Year of Drought Would Leave Nebraska, Wyoming Reservoirs 10% Full
Time to start thinking about who owns the water. It's already caused fights in central Nebraska, and it changes the way farmers manage the soil. In some places, they're looking for water buried 10,000 feet below the surface.

The American Way (10.21.2004)
Favorable Review of "The Skeptical Environmentalist"
Long, but it pulls some good excerpts

Weather and Disasters (10.21.2004)
10th Typhoon/Hurricane of Year Hits Japan
This is a bad year for Japan

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