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Business and Finance (11.03.2004)
CalPERS Drops $110 Million on Stocks in India
Looking for growth in information technology and other fields

Threats to Western Civilization (11.03.2004)
Islamic Fascist Kills Dutch Filmmaker
Victim was shot and stabbed in broad daylight in Amsterdam. Killer reportedly left two knives in his chest, one of which pinned a note to his body that contained verses from the Koran. Muslims make up something around 5% of the population there, which is putting some serious strain on the otherwise very open and liberal state. Two years ago, politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated over his anti-immigration views, which landed in no small part on the Islamic community.

Election 2004 (11.03.2004)
Kerry Concedes
Some think the dollar could hit new lows against the yen, but that it would have been even lower if Kerry had won

Election 2004 (11.03.2004)
Other Countries' Election Problems Involve the Military
For all the endorsements and counter-endorsements by retired military brass here, at least they're not involved in the actual brokering of power as in Indonesia.

News (11.03.2004)
Other Parts of the World Complain About Illegal Immigrants, Too
In Malaysia, the illegals come from Indonesia, India, and China. Everyone seems to like their own home folks best.

News (11.03.2004)
Some in German Press Mad Queen Didn't Apologize for Dresden Bombing
She went to Dresden for a benefit concert to restore an old church and some set their expectations a little too high. Was Dresden really cause for an apology, or does the burden rest with the side that started the war and the genocide? Meanwhile, the ambassador from Angola to South Africa says that part of the world should get over colonialism and get on with the business of economic growth and development.

The United States of America (11.03.2004)
Is South Korea Too Lax on the Nuke Threat Up North?
The business sector there favors a Bush win, but that doesn't mean the future of the peninsula is any more clear
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