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The American Way (11.07.2004)
Stylish November 8th Carnival of the Capitalists
Incite really took it up a notch with the addition of section graphics. Nice touch. Personal favorites: Ranking history's top entrepreneurs (double credit for putting Samuel Insull on the list), why it's easier to be an American entrepreneur than to try elsewhere, the disproportionate share of self-employment in rural America, mistakes made in trying to hire sales superstars, thoughts on the uniqueness of American management, thoughts on how mobile technology breaks the old media rules, and why no measure of creative accounting could possibly solve the Social Security shortfall.

Socialism Doesn't Work (11.07.2004)
Rethink Your One-Way Ticket to Canada
Ridiculous rules prevail there, too: University of Alberta's volleyball team is being penalized for changing from t-shirts to uniform shirts on the game floor. They're still wearing sports bras.

Threats to Western Civilization (11.07.2004)
Iran Says It Might Cool Down Its Nuke Program
Will take a four-way agreement among Tehran, Berlin, Paris, and London

Business and Finance (11.07.2004)
Japan May Need Big Tax Hikes to Balance Budget
Consumption tax may have to go from 5% to 21%

News (11.07.2004)
Israel: When Arafat Dies, We'll Let Foreign Dignitaries Attend the Funeral
Including those from enemy states. No death announcement yet.

Weather and Disasters (11.07.2004)
High-Speed Train Crash Kills 6 Brits
Hit a car crossing the tracks

Threats to Western Civilization (11.07.2004)
Lebanese Terrorists Start Using UAVs
Israel says Hezbollah flew one over their territory on Sunday. You, too, can buy one for under $1,000. (from eDodo.org)
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