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Business and Finance (11.18.2004)
Good News: Tax Code Changes Coming. Bad News: Mankiw's Leaving.
Story includes a nice interactive graphic on the economy over time

We All Need a Little Humor (11.18.2004)
The International Look is Good News for Men
Japanese women apparently think their countrymen are a little too conservative, so they're shopping for men in places like Britain and the US. A certain line about resolving racial tensions through procreation comes to mind.

Business and Finance (11.18.2004)
Man Behind Sears/Kmart Merger Called "Young Warren Buffett"
Combined company has nation's third-largest retail revenues, but market cap well below other leaders

The United States of America (11.18.2004)
UN Hand-Wringing Over Global "Rule of Law"
Kofi Annan doesn't have much of a moral post from which to discuss the rule of law. There's vast evidence that the UN-run Oil-for-Food program was devastatingly corrupt, with a Congressional investigation suggesting that Saddam Hussein and Company pocketed billions and bribed others with abandon. Like it or not, part of human nature everywhere is brutal and primitive. While most people can agree to get along under cooperative conditions, there will always be natural exceptions. Those exceptions obey only one rule of law: Force. Thus, the only thing that can keep a permanent peace and rule of law in any society is force tempered by justice. The same rule applies whether it's on the schoolyard playground, where the teacher must be both the most just and the most powerful force around, and on the world stage. The UN can't be trusted with force, since it isn't run with much justice. So the job falls to the United States.

The American Way (11.18.2004)
Ireland Wins World's Best Country Mark
Survey in The Economist says traditional values and increasing wealth are the causes for celebration. Why so many people still don't get the "increasing wealth" part of that equation makes no sense. In a sense, they're pulling off the "American Way" better than America.

The American Way (11.18.2004)
Britain: Do We Exist Anymore? Answer: Yes.
Research surveys suggest that it's harder to pinpoint many cultural aspects of British-ness, but that there's a special pride in "a history of continuous freedom, self-government and the rule of law". That's the kind of country we want on our team. Sadly, though, popular politics are putting the hurt on the old freedom bit.
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