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Science and Technology (11.19.2004)
Control Your Enthusiasm for Hybrid Cars
Editorial seeks to debunk many of the points of greatest enthusiasm for hybrid cars, but it's hard to judge since there's no attribution. Funny, though, to have stumbled across this story simutaneously with the nonsense "Day of Intervention" by a bunch of activist groups with (at best) tenuous grips on reality. Yes, the US has a serious problem ahead in energy independence, but street theater in front of Ford dealerships is about as useful as solving the public housing problem by making fudge. Perhaps we should be happy, though: At least they didn't advocate outright vandalism at research laboratories. Or did they?

The American Way (11.19.2004)
Kinnick Stadium Jumbotron Sold for $10,000
University didn't sell it; the demolition contractor did. And the assistant athletic director's comments show why they're in the public sector: "We looked at that and didn't believe that market exists, but that is their prerogative to see if they can get anything out of it." Apparently she didn't realize there are markets in everything. Sometimes the market is sticky, and sometimes it's hard to transact, but there's always a market.

The United States of America (11.19.2004)
US Troops Storm Al-Zarqawi's Base in Fallujah
He's one of the top terrorist suspects in the region

Threats to Western Civilization (11.19.2004)
Suspected Terrorists Busted in Washington State
Appear to have been involved in immigrant-smuggling

Threats to Western Civilization (11.19.2004)
Iran-China Relationship: A Match from Hell for the US?
Iran has lots of oil, but wants more consumer goods. China makes a lot of consumer goods, but wants a lot more energy. China already has nukes; Iran wants them. See how this could be a problem?
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