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News (12.03.2004)
Ukraine to Re-Run the Election
Supreme Court there decides it has to happen by December 26th

Business and Finance (12.03.2004)
Czechs Picking Up on Americans' Bad Credit Habits
Expecting a third of Christmas presents there to be bought on credit

Iowa (12.03.2004)
Nebraska Governor Nominated to Become Ag Secretary
Mike Johanns is originally from Iowa

News (12.03.2004)
Cop Hears Tape of Kids Planning to Kill Classmate, But Doesn't Hurry to Follow Up
Child was murdered before the police officer did anything

Science and Technology (12.03.2004)
Irish Hospital Overcrowding Leads to Infection
Overcrowding is a sign that the market isn't supplying enough beds, probably because the government has interfered with the market

Threats to Western Civilization (12.03.2004)
Lawsuit Being Launched Against Dutch Filmmaker/Parliamentarian for Movie She Hasn't Made Yet
The filmmaker, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, wrote the movie ("Submission") that led to the murder of its director, Theo Van Gogh, by an Islamic fascist. A lawyer now says, "We can assume that this film will be the sequel to the first film and will contain offensive and wounding references to Muslims" and wants it banned before she's even filmed it.

Broadcasting (12.03.2004)
This Just Doesn't Look Good At All
Anna Nicole Smith apparently tried to strip at the VH1 "Big in '04" show. Security stopped her, but, well, the photo just doesn't look quite right.

News (12.03.2004)
Indonesia Realizing that Religious Intolerance is a Huge Roadblock
Interfaith seminar concludes education is the key to pluralism. Muslim scholar says ritual and formalism are getting in the way of true faithfulness: "A person can pray five times a day, but can still have a black heart."

Computers and the Internet (12.03.2004)
Game Addicts, Get Ready
Nintendo, Sony both launching new portable game players

News (12.03.2004)
The End Is Near! Repent!
Israeli newspaper reports that Hamas leadership could be reversing their policy on the destruction of Israel.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.03.2004)
File This in Your Conspiracy Theory Drawer
Cuba's propaganda agency says conspiracy-theorist Oliver Stone sent a get-well note to Fidel Castro after the Bearded One's recent fall. Sometimes it's like we're living in one giant sit-com.
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