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Computers and the Internet (12.10.2004)
Unbelievable: 22% of Brits Online Have Bought Software from Spammers
Words can barely plumb the depths of this disappointment. If no one bought from spammers, they'd stop sending spam. Period. But buying from them rewards the behavior and encourages more of it. Not to mention the link between spam and organized crime.

Computers and the Internet (12.10.2004)
Be Amazed at One Gigapixel
The bounds of digital photography get stretched again

We All Need a Little Humor (12.10.2004)
Subtle Humor from "The Simpsons"
Subtle can be better

The American Way (12.10.2004)
Let It Be Reiterated: Markets Reveal Secrets
You want to know who "The Apprentice" finalists are? It hasn't been a secret ever since strange wagering patterns appeared on an online betting site. Why? Because people like to exploit their access to information in order to enrich themselves. So why, oh why, do grandstanding politicians keep us from using markets to prevent terrorism? Sure, it sounds superficially unseemly, but why can't we swallow a little distaste in the interest of saving American lives?

Broadcasting (12.10.2004)
What? Reality TV is Scripted? You Don't Say...
Joel Stein: "I never thought a man could cry while reading a reality show script about another man's struggle to lay off pomade." He posts a script for "Queer Eye", which some dispute is actually a "smoking gun." Stein, by the way, also did a funny piece just before the election on Republican rock stars.
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