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The United States of America (12.23.2004)
Does "Back to Basics" Mean "Back to Ancestry"?
Philly charter school under consideration would emphasize the role of Africa and Africans in different subjects. On the upside, the school would have extended hours, heavy college prep, and required parental involvement. On the downside, it might perpetuate a sense of segregation that's unhealthy for people of every color. Best if it isn't dismissed (or accepted) out-of-hand.

Threats to Western Civilization (12.23.2004)
Some Indonesians Afraid to Attend Church on Christmas
Church bombings over the last four years have them spooked

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.23.2004)
Putin Hurting Russia's Economic Growth with Anti-Market Policies
Among other things, he's the only person in the entire Russian government who claims to know who's buying a big part of Russia's Yukos oil company.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.23.2004)
Shocking: North Koreans Adopting South Korean Mannerisms, Tastes
Kim Jong Il is reportedly so mad over the trend (which includes - gasp! - about a thousand video tapes of South Korean TV being exchanged around Pyongyang) that he's issued a directive to the state police to drive around barking on loudspeakers mounted to their vans (Blues Brothers-style) "We must uproot vulgar acts like watching South Korean films or dramas, imitating [their] speech or singing [their] songs." Back to the old question: If Communism were so great, why do its subjects risk harsh penalties just to get away from it? Question Two: Why can't anyone explain a philosophical difference between socialism and communism? Unfortunately, the South Korean government is acting a little totalitarian itself these days with an attempt to curb freedom of the press.
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