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Brian Gongol

The American Way (1.7.2005)
On the Rationality of Disaster-Relief Donations
On balance, it makes sense to send money to disaster-relief efforts. But that doesn't make them bulletproof.

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.7.2005)
Days After Tsunami, PETA's Still Enraged About Fur
Sending protesters to wander Seoul naked just to push the anti-fur message. Doesn't the entire world have bigger issues to worry about, like whether we can effectively warn of disasters in a timely fashion?

Threats to Western Civilization (1.7.2005)
Compulsory IDs Hit the Netherlands
Internal affairs minister brushes off criticism with this gem: "The police will only be allowed to ask for identification for a specific reason, when they see something odd or suspicious, like someone throwing oil into a stretch of water or riding a bike without lights." So riding a bicycle without lights is behavior suspicious enough to merit a police stop? Ye gods, let it not happen here.

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.7.2005)
Headline from Castro's Propaganda Agency: "Cuban Elections Will Be a Political Victory"
Of course they will...for Castro. Meanwhile, the US is still waiting for him to kick the bucket and broadcasting counter-propaganda from C-130s flying around the island.

Science and Technology (1.7.2005)
Smart Women Have Trouble Finding Husbands
UK study says that 16-point rise in IQ means a 40% decline in likelihood of marriage. Almost the exact opposite is true for men.
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