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Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (1.11.2005)
Quite Possibly the Stupidest Thing Ever Said
Upon the marital separation of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey "insist Pitt and Aniston could have saved their relationship if they'd accepted fame attracts gossip and media intrusion." Besides being just plain stupid, it's a couple of 20-somethings married just over two years lecturing a couple of 30-somethings with two more years of marital experience.

Business and Finance (1.11.2005)
Just 21% of Japanese Businesses Have Disaster Plans
That's compared to 67% in the US

Business and Finance (1.11.2005)
Economic Development in Developing Nations
Amartya Sen calls for basic health care, free school lunches, and a lid on corruption as steps toward fixing India's economy.

Iowa (1.11.2005)
Iowa's Condition of the State
The Governor got it all wrong.

Weather and Disasters (1.11.2005)
More Than 105,000 Tsunami Deaths in Indonesia Alone
One man was saved after two weeks at sea. What may help the recovery most? Simpler, fairer laws for business, according to the economic minister there. Better security for aid workers wouldn't hurt, either.

Weather and Disasters (1.11.2005)
Big Storm Beats Up on Europe
Thousands of homes without without water. 60% of Latvia without electricity. Forecast calls for new storms with 100-mph winds.

News (1.11.2005)
New Palestinian Leader Elected
Says he wants peace, but will insist on a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem. Israel seems to want to work with him to keep a lid on Hamas.

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.11.2005)
Communism/Socialism: Really Funny, Until It Isn't Anymore
Ridiculous propaganda, like a "news" article "reporting" that the monthly "day of sports" was celebrated in Pyongyang and "in all provinces, cities and counties" with runners chanting, "Implementation of the leader's instructions in a do-or-die spirit." Frankly, it's downright laughable that anyone would ever chant something as stupid as that, even if only in the mind of some party hack propagandist in Pyongyang. But what isn't funny is that hundreds of thousands of people die because of "the leader's instructions." More people, in fact, than were killed when the tsunami washed ashore in southern Asia. Socialism doesn't work...it never has worked...and it never will work. If socialism were so great, then why would the phrase "Soviet-era ship" be used as a perjorative in a report on radioactive material being shipped past Japan?
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